Use Twitter OAuth in a simple way inside your electron App. Deployed as npm package
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Use Twitter OAuth in a simple way inside your electron App.


add it to your electron project using npm install oauth-electron-twitter --save or yarn add oauth-electron-twitter


require oauth-electron-twitter exports a function that requires a javascript object and an electron window, as seen on the next example:

add the require for ouath and twitter specific code from this package

const auth = require(`oauth-electron-twitter`)

let info = {
    key: ***,
    secret: ***
window = new BrowserWindow({webPreferences: {nodeIntegration: false}});

auth.login(info, window)

the login function will return a Promise with the access token and secret

    token: ***,
    tokenSecret: ***

Migration V0.x to V1.x

  • there is no more need for the twitter object, info becomes a basic object with the properties stated in the usage step.
  • the return object has a different format.
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