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Artful Lisp - newLisp Modules for a variety of things. Finally seeing a few updates in late 2012.
Common Lisp
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Latest commit 6af47d6 Kanen Flowers Merge pull request #1 from cryptorick/empty-field-fix
Fixed a problem with processing CSV lines containing empty fields.
Failed to load latest commit information. README Update
csv.lsp Fixed a problem with processing CSV lines containing empty fields.
csv.qwerty first commit
element.lsp Ego commit
element.qwerty first commit
http-server.lsp first commit
http.lsp Ego commit
install-db.lsp Yes, work is actually being done on some of these modules, starting
json.lsp Fixed web.lsp and json.lsp
matching.lsp Ego commit
matching.qwerty first commit
memcached.lsp Ego commit
memcached.qwerty first commit
mp.lsp Ego commit
mp.qwerty first commit
mysql.lsp Ego commit
mysql.qwerty first commit
newlisp-doc.lsp Migrated to github for Mac
profiler.qwerty first commit
qwerty.lsp Ego commit
request.lsp Ego commit
request.qwerty first commit
response.lsp Ego commit
response.qwerty first commit
sockets.qwerty first commit
test.lsp first commit
util.lsp Ego commit
util.qwerty first commit
web.lsp For POST data: read CONTENT_LENGTH - already received.
xml.lsp Ego commit
xmlrpc-server.lsp Ego commit
xmlrpc-server.qwerty first commit

Artful Lisp

A collection of modules, written in newLisp by Jeff Ober and Kanen Flowers

Open Source Repository on github

The most recent sources can be found on the github Artful newLisp page.

Work in Progress

Many of these modules are being updated to work with newLisp version 10 (and higher).

The following modules are known to work as of August, 2011.


A collection of useful web functions.


A newLisp to JSON (and JSON to newLisp list) parser.

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