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IBM PC AT version 2 (06/10/85) BIOS commented code from IBM which shows a correct implementation of POST and chipset initialization.


The code is divided in the following files:

  • ios.asm BIOS routines INT12, INT11, INT02
  • bios1.asm INT15 BIOS routines
  • bios2.asm BIOS routines INT1A, INT70, INT5, INT8
  • disk.asm fixed disk BIOS INT13
  • diskette.asm diskette BIOS INT13
  • data segment locations, KB/DSK/VIDEO data areas
  • keybd.asm keyboard BIOS INT16, INT9
  • BIOS I/O interface
  • orgs.asm compatibility module
  • equates used by POST and BIOS
  • printer.asm printer adapter BIOS INT17
  • rs232.asm communications BIOS RS232 INT14
  • protected mode EQU for post-test and BIOS routines
  • test1.asm POST TEST.1 through TEST.16
  • test2.asm POST TEST.17 through TEST.22
  • test3.asm POST exception interrupt tests
  • test4.asm POST and BIOS utility routines
  • test5.asm exception interrupt test handlers for POST
  • test6.asm POST and system bootstrap
  • video.asm video display BIOS INT10

The IBM PC AT version 2 BIOS was built using IBM MASM 2.0 on DOS.

Other legacy IBM PC BIOS sources can be found at


  • ibm-pc-techref.pdf complete IBM PC technical reference manual from the hardware design to the BIOS requirements (API, memory mapping, etc.).

  • biod-pnp-specification.pdf modern BIOS specification with Plug-and-Play specification.

  • bios-boot-specification.pdf focus on boot selection specification.

  • bios-advanced-power-management.pdf extension for advanced power management.

  • bios-pentium-pro.pdf example of BIOS writer's whose purpose is to provide to OEMs and BIOS writers recipes to initialize platforms based on a given processor like how to enable memory controllers, PCI bridges, processor's cores, etc.