My Eagle component library with stuff I use
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My Eagle stuff

This Eagle library contains stuff I have used in my designs and is in the public domain. (CC0) No Rights Reserved.

Symbol Description
2WAY SWITCH 2 way switch through hole, 6 terminals.
8X2MM POGO PIN 8x 1.02mm pogo pins. P75-B1 Dia 1.02mm 100g Spring Test Probe Pogo Pin found on eBay.
AD7992 2-Channel, 12-Bit ADC with I2C-Compatible Interface
AVR_MICRO_ICP A tiny AVR ICP connector available as TP and TH for adding pogo pins
DIODE-SCHOTTKY Well, a diode
DS18B20 Dallas temperature sensor in TO-92 package
ESP-12E This is a copy of AdaFruit's device with slightly wider pads making soldering easier (imho).
ESP-WROOM-32 The Next Big Thing from Espressif
ESP3212 The Next Big Thing from Ai Thinker
ESPROG-DEVICE The device pads of the Esprog connector.
FTDI DEVICE FTDI connector, device side. This connector mates with an FTDI adapter using a straight ribbon cable.
JST ZH 2PIN JST ZH connector, 2 pins. ZH has 1.5mm spacing.
JST ZH 3PIN JST ZH connector, 3 pin. ZH has 1.5mm spacing.
JST_PH_2PIN 2 pin JST PH connector used for LiPo batteries
KEYSTONE-629 PCB Mount Battery Contact for 1 (AA), 1 (AAA), 1 (N), Coil Spring Contact
KEYSTONE-637 PCB Mount Battery Contact for 1 (AA), 1 (AAA), 1 (N), Button Contact
LDR Symbol and footprint for 0.1" through hole light dependent resistor
LP2989 Micropower and Low-Noise, 500-mA Ultra Low-Dropout Regulator,
M01-ANTENNA A PTH with antenna silk screen
M16 / M18 Rows of 16 or 18 PTHs without silk screen
MCP1700 Microchip Low Quiescent Current LDO MCP1700
MCP7952X Microchip MCP7952X, 3V SPI Real-Time Clock Calendar with Battery Switchover
MICRO USB TH VERTICAL Vertical micro USB through hole connector. A low cost vertical micro USB connector from eBay (MINI USB Female 5Pin 180°DIP).
MICRO USBTH Micro USB through hole connector. A low cost micro USB connector from eBay
NRF24L01+-MINI Mini variant of the NRF24L01+ radio
OSCILLATOR_32KHZ CM7V-T1A Tuning Fork Crystal 32.768 kHz
POWER JACK Power Jack. This is the standard 5.5mm barrel jack for power.
RESONATOR_16MHZ A resonator I used in the Aaduino
RFM69CW HopeRFs RFM69CW with all digital IOs available.
RFM69CW-MINIMAL HopeRFs RFM69CW with all minimal IO.
SPI TFT DISPLAY TOUCH SPI TFT Display with touch. Connector for the cheap 2.4"/2.8" Serial SPI TFT displays with touch found on eBay.
SPI TFT DISPLAY Connector for the cheap 2.2"/2.4" Serial SPI TFT displays found on eBay.
SPX3819 SPX3819 500mA LDO Voltage Regulator
TEST-POINT I test point pad
TMP102 Texas Instruments TMP102 Low-Power Digital Temperature Sensor With SMBus and Two-Wire Serial Interface in SOT563.
USB Connectors USB-A-H-VERTICAL a variant of SparkFun's USB-A-H (PRT-00437) that is mounted standing on the PCB. Bend the legs of the connector and solder in place. Solder header pins to the remaining holes to act as support for the connector. Used in the Esproom.

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