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Object angle is return negative value ? #411

Cyriltra opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I'm currently developping a set of js controls to interact with objects and I realize the angle property of the selected object is returning values roughly between -90 to 270 (at least with FF), is it expected ?
0 to -90 is obtained when rotating counter clockwise
0 to 270 is obtained when rotating clockwise

From user point of view, I think it makes more sens to return values from 0 to 369 (clockwise)


i was also surprised by this behavior. Indeed 0 to 360 would make more sense.

Also sometimes, the negative values from 0 to -90 are not set and instead i obtain 300, 330, 350, etc angles.

I'm still in the process of identifying how to reproduce that.


hmm for the second part of my comment it was caused by my code so nevermind.

Still 0 to 360 will be clearer.


Is there any explanation for this? Was able to get around it for my use case but seems odd. Mostly just curious.


Fixed in be72f68

@kangax kangax closed this
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