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Allow for $(el).simulate('dblclick') in event.simulate.js.
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clearer Add simple Clearer widget simulating osx clearer button on text fields
experimental add Element.Region and Class#include
lib reorganize
misc reorganize
protoquery Element#indexOf, Element.extendIframe, fixes to protoquery, experimen…
test add selectOptionByValue
README.rdoc Add list of common css abstractions (need to make something useful ou…
add_script_add_stylesheet.js mostly tests
array.extensions.js Fixed fre typos in the JSDoc block
behavior.should_be_present.js Add should-be-present behavior
benchmark.js Add simple benchmark helper
canvas_assertions.js Add `assertColor` and `assertSameColor`.
capability.html Add capability script from the old opera article, clean-up, remove re…
checkbox_range.js add experimental Object.isNodeList, CheckboxRange for multiple selection
class.addbehavior.js experimental Class.addBehavior to make instance methods fire events (…
class.observable.js Update observable class to insert element into the dom, otherwise ie …
class.watchable.js unwatch now accepts particular handler to unwatch or purges all if ar…
class_include.js add Element.Region and Class#include
colorLiteralToHex.js add colorLiteralToHex.js
console.js Fix isObject regex; add console.js
cookie.js Add modified cookie.js of Ryan Johnson
css_abstractions.sass Make Sass mixins out of draft CSS abstractions.
draghelper.js all kinds of stuff
element.methods.js Remove typo in `Element#setHeight` (thanks Ed Tramell). Add some miss…
event.interceptor.js Add event interception
event.register.js all kinds of stuff
event.simulate.js Adds dblclick as a MouseEvent for event.simulate.
event_cache_buster.js Add a small event handler usage report utility
form.element.methods.js Element#indexOf, Element.extendIframe, fixes to protoquery, experimen…
form.methods.js Revamp
form_dispatcher.js small change
function.extensions.js Add Element#wrapContent
get_json.js add getJSON for working with JSONP
hash_changed.js hash:changed inspired by…
ie_ajax_cache_fix.js Revamp
ie_attributes_fix.js experimental
insertRule.js add experimental region and insertRule
key_observer.js document key observer
object.extensions.js Fix isObject regex; add console.js
safari_label_fix.js typo
set_builder.js document evil SetBuilder
string.extensions.js Element#indexOf, Element.extendIframe, fixes to protoquery, experimen…



Protolicious is a set of javascript snippets based on prototype.js (and other random stuff)


Element (Element.Methods) extensions

  • Element#setProperty

  • Element#swapClassName

  • Element#enableClassName

  • Element#contains

  • Element#indexOf

  • Element#isTagName

  • Element#getContentWidth

  • Element#getContentHeight

  • Element#setWidth

  • Element#setHeight

  • Element#appearVisible

  • Element#delegate

  • Element#fillDocument

  • Element#centerInViewport

Function extensions

  • Function.K

  • Function#negate

  • Function#runOnce

  • Function#_new

  • Function#toDelayed

  • Function#toDeferred

  • Function#addAdvice

Array extensions

  • Array#sum

  • Array#namespace

Field (Form.Element.Methods) extensions

  • Field#isBlank

  • Field#present

Form (Form.Methods) extensions

  • Form#unserialize

Event extensions

  • Event.simulate

  • Event.register

  • Event.unregister


  • Cookie.set

  • Cookie.get

  • Cookie.unset


  • Prototype.addScript

  • Prototype.addStylesheet

Object extensions

  • Object.isEvent

  • Object.methodize


protolicious is licensed under the terms of the MIT license

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