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Update observable class to insert element into the dom, otherwise ie …

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commit f3d1dcd96796442b96c133f48de65671f6d59688 1 parent 5b56fda
Juriy Zaytsev authored
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  1. +3 −1 class.observable.js
4 class.observable.js
@@ -15,7 +15,9 @@
// with corrections by John David Dalton and juanbond
function getElement(object){
- return (object._eventElement = object._eventElement || new Element('code'));
+ return (object._eventElement = object._eventElement ||
Caged added a note

I’m glad you tweeted when you did. Saved me a couple hours pecking around wondering what in fireEvent was causing the problem. \m/

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+ (document.body || document.documentElement)
+ .appendChild(new Element('div')));
Class.Observable = {
observe: function(eventName, handler) {

1 comment on commit f3d1dcd


Спасибо за скрипт, теперь onchange отслеживает когда я выбираю ту же самую опцию в комбобоксе во второй раз. Сэкономил много времени :)

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