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Alex Ellis alexellis
OpenFaaS Founder. Talk to me about #Containers #Serverless #RaspberryPi

@openfaas United Kingdom

Mark Story markstory

@getsentry Toronto, Ontario

Noval Agung Prayogo novalagung
I craft world-class big data analytics applications. I also make serious stuff for free.
CTF player, linux geek, vim user, love UNIX and open source. 17 y.o.

@ReversingID Jakarta, Indonesia

Fariskhi Vidyan farisv
Computer & information security 🐱🐺 | IDN


Rony Lantip lantip

SolusiCamp Yogyakarta

Fritz Obermeyer fritzo
Inference Engineer

Uber AI Labs

Aleksandar Todorović (r3bl) aleksandar-todorovic
Hacker. Blogger (see @r3bl). infosec enthusiast. Open source advocate. @mozilla Open Web Fellow, hosted by @bitsoffreedom. Used to be @occrp's techie.

@sigurnostonline Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Tom Christie tomchristie
API Engineer 🚀🌟

Encode OSS Brighton, UK

wannabe hacker...
Armin Ronacher mitsuhiko
Software developer and Open Source nut. Creator of the Flask framework. Contributing to @getsentry and running @pallets and @lektor


Matt Harvey harvitronix
Product manager, machine learning developer.

Palo Alto, CA

Ipan Ardian ipanardian
Undefined is real

Cirebon, Indonesia

Intelligent Robot From Nobody Access Shell nulsec[at]

Nobody Corp Earth

Oleksandr Shtalinberg shtalinberg
Web development using the framework Django (Python) with Databases (such as : PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite).

BERGSOFT+ Ukraine, Vinnitsa

Daniel Perez danhper
software engineer interested in programming languages and functional programming

@claudetech London

Jeff Knupp jeffknupp
Head of Engineering @enigma-io

Enigma (@enigma-io) New York, NY

Vincent Prouillet Keats
Available for remote contracting.


Mosky Liu moskytw
❤️ Python and open source!

Pinkoi Taipei, Taiwan

Soumith Chintala soumith
/\︿╱\ ___________________________ \0_ 0 /╱\╱ _____________________ \▁︹_/

Facebook AI Research New York, USA

Michael Hartl mhartl
Entrepreneur, educator, retreaded physicist, rumored supervillain. Author of the @railstutorial, founder of @learnenough, @softcover, and @tauday.

Ruby on Rails Tutorial, Learn Enough to Be Dangerous Los Angeles, CA

Yury Selivanov 1st1
Founder of @edgedb and @MagicStack. Python core developer.

@MagicStack Toronto, Canada

Steven SeiryuZ

Jakarta, Indonesia

Salvatore Sanfilippo antirez
Computer programmer based in Sicily, Italy. I mostly write OSS software. 41 years old. Not a puritan.

Redis Labs Campobello di Licata, Sicily, Italy

Guido van Rossum gvanrossum

Dropbox, Inc. San Francisco Bay Area

Hsiaoming Yang lepture

@hsiaoming Japan & China

Audrey Roy Greenfeld audreyr
Core committer to @pydanny 💘

@IntuitiveWebSolutions Los Angeles, CA

Nate Berkopec nateberkopec
Owner @, author of

@speedshop Taos, NM

Matt Robenolt mattrobenolt

Sentry San Francisco, CA

Simon Willison simonw

Eventbrite San Francisco, CA

Jess MacQueen macqueen

@getsentry San Francisco, CA

Alex Gaynor alex
I program computers. Currently working for Mozilla in Washington DC and opening up some sources in my free time. @usds alumnus.

Mozilla Washington D.C.

David Cramer dcramer
founder/ceo @getsentry

Sentry San Francisco, CA

Vladimir Iakovlev nvbn
Software Developer

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Kenneth Reitz kenneth-reitz
I wrote @requests: HTTP for Humans. The only thing I really care about is user experience.

@kennethreitz @digitalocean @do-community Eden, Earth, Milky Way.

Carl Meyer carljm

Instagram Rapid City, SD

Andrew Godwin andrewgodwin
Django core developer, microcontroller hobbyist, and general gatherer of hobbies.

San Francisco, USA

Vincent Driessen nvie

3rd Cloud Netherlands

Jannis Leidel jezdez
@mozilla software developer. @python member, @jazzband roadie, @pypa and @django alum. Writer of apps, opener of sources, handler of data


Daniel Roy Greenfeld pydanny
Husband of @audreyr 💘 Senior Software Architect, Co-Author of Two Scoops of Django, formerly @nasa

@IntuitiveWebSolutions Los Angeles, California, USA