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Japanese Radicals font

Derived from Source Han Sans, Japanese Radicals is a small (54KB), custom font (JapaneseRadicals-Regular.otf) with full support all Japanese radicals and their variants (321 characters). EOT, TTF, SVG and WOFF versions of the font can be found in the webfonts sub-directory.

To improve compatability with legacy encodings in existing files Japanese Radicals includes all the glyphs in the Unicode Kangxi Radicals (U+2F00..U+2FDF) and CJK Radicals Supplement (U+2E80..U+2EFF) character ranges as well as a small number of Han ideographs. The remaining 60 radical glyphs not available in Unicode were encoded in the Private Use Area range U+E700..U+E759.

Also included is a PDF file which lists the radicals present in the font, their encodings, stroke numbers, meanings, readings and positions (a CSV version is included in the language-data directory on this repository). A PNG image illustrates the 60 custom glyphs added by us. The Japanese Radicals font can be viewed in use on the Kanji alive website.

Unlike the other media files in this repository which are licensed under a Creative Commons CC-BY 4.0 license, Japanese Radicals is freely available for private or commercial use under an Apache 2.0 license granted by Adobe Systems Inc. Please ensure that the original license file is always included with the font should you wish to redistribute it.