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""" This script will print the list of IAM users who have console access but MFA not enabled.
Author: Kannan Anandakrishnan
Requirements: boto3 package installed, aws credentials configured.
# Importing boto3 client
import boto3
# Creating boto3 handle for iam resource
IAM_CLIENT = boto3.client('iam')
def get_login(user):
""" Checks whether user has login profile (console access). If exists, calls get_mfa func.
If no login profile exists, we will get NoSuchEntityException. Catch the error and pass.
Parameters: user (string): Username of IAM user
response = IAM_CLIENT.get_login_profile(UserName=user)
if response['LoginProfile']['UserName'] == user:
except IAM_CLIENT.exceptions.NoSuchEntityException:
def get_mfa(user):
""" Check the mfa devices attached to the user. If no mfa exists, print MFA not enabled.
Parameters: user (string): Username of IAM user who has login profile enabled.
response = IAM_CLIENT.list_mfa_devices(UserName=user)
if response['MFADevices'] != [] and "mfa" in response['MFADevices'][0]['SerialNumber']:
print("MFA not enabled: {}".format(user))
if __name__ == '__main__':
# Use boto3 paginator option if number of users is very high.
DETAILS = IAM_CLIENT.list_users(MaxItems=250)
for user_detail in DETAILS['Users']:
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