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; Define engines along with functions to return
; the search urls for a given term
(def search-url-map
:bing #(str "" %)
:google #(str "" %)
(defn engine-type
"Returns the engine type"
(first engine-entry))
(defn search-fn
"Returns the function to generate the search-url"
(last engine-entry))
(defn search
"Searches the given string from bing"
[engine-entry to-search]
{ (engine-type engine-entry)
(slurp ((search-fn engine-entry) to-search))})
(defn search-all-engines
"Searches all the engines for the given term
and prints the name of the engine that returned the fastest result"
(let [possiblties (count search-url-map)
result-chans (repeatedly possiblties chan)]
(doall (map #(go (>! %2 (search %1 term))) search-url-map result-chans))
(let [fastest-result (first (first (alts!! result-chans)))]
(println (str "Fastest result from " (engine-type fastest-result)))
; Do the search 100 times for testing
(repeatedly 100 #(search-all-engines "Clojure"))