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(defn van-eck
"Generates a lazy sequence of van eck's sequence"
(van-eck []))
(let [next-num (if (empty? curr-seq) 0
(inc ; To calculate the # steps we inc the index
(butlast curr-seq)
(last curr-seq))))]
(cons next-num (van-eck (conj curr-seq next-num)))))))
(defn index-from-last
"Finds the index of 'to-find' from the last element in the given sequence 'seq-from'
If the element is not found, -1 is returned."
[seq-from to-find]
(let [seq-len (count seq-from)]
(loop [rev-index 0]
(let [index (- (dec seq-len) rev-index)]
(if (= to-find (nth seq-from index))
(if (>= rev-index (dec seq-len))
(recur (inc rev-index))))))))