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cgminer binary downloads for AntMiner, Fedora 18 x86_64, RPi ARM_32, Xubuntu 11.04 x86_64
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Latest commit f5884bf @kanoi AntS3 4.9.2 94e04f6-3


ckolivas cgminer master git:

Support the cgminer developers, mine at our pool!

The AntS3 folder contains AntminerS3 binary files
See AntS3/README for more details

The AntS2 folder contains AntminerS2 binary files
See AntS2/README for more details

The AntS1 folder contains AntminerS1 binary files
See AntS1/README for more details

The Avalon folder contains the Flash firmware starting at 20131229
shortly after I got my Avalon Gen2 supplied by Avalon/Xiangfu - thanks! :)

You'll require the matching binary release from the master git at the top
before you can properly use the executable files provided in the folders:
 Ubuntu_11.04_x86_64 RPi_Arch RPi_Raspbian Fedora18_x86_64
Those folders are just replacement cgminer executables to go with master git

Copies of the binaries and src downloads built by ckolivas from the
master git are here also in the numbered folders, e.g. like 4.4.1/

All binaries since 3.4.1 are linked statically with libusb and jansson

cgminer 64bit binary downloads for Xubuntu 11.04 in the
Ubuntu_11.04_x86_64 folder
cgminer-3.X.Ya <- built only with all USB device support
N.B. This binary should also run on Fedora16 and Fedora17 x86_64

cgminer 32bit binary downloads for the RPi in the
RPi_Raspbian and RPi_Arch folders
cgminer-3.X.Ya <- built only with all USB device support
cgminer-3.X.Ybab <- built only with BlackArrow Bitfury device support
However, 3.8.5bab, 3.9.0bab and newer are also built with all USB device support
Use '--usb :0' to disable USB if you only have BaB boards

cgminer 64bit binary downloads for Fedora18
Fedora18_x86_64 folder
cgminer-3.X.Ya <- built only with all USB device support

Also included:

The working libusb the cgminer binaries were compiled with before 3.4.1

The working libusb dll for windows

libusb/libusb-1.0.dll.a and libusb/libusb.h
The libusb files for compiling and linking cgminer on windows before 3.4.1
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