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Tarmount handler plugin for hapi.js.

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tarm provides a new tarmount handler method for serving the contents of tar files using @hapi/inert.


tarm enables a number of common use cases for serving static assets.

Static file server

The following creates a basic static file server that can be used to serve content from the site.tar file on port 3000:

const Path = require('path');

const Hapi = require('@hapi/hapi');
const Inert = require('@hapi/inert');
const Tarm = require('tarm');

const server = Hapi.Server({ port: 3000 });

const provision = async () => {

    await server.register([Inert, Tarm]);

        method: 'GET',
        path: '/{param*}',
        handler: {
            tarmount: {
                path: Path.join(__dirname, 'site.tar')

    await server.start();

    console.log('Server running at:',;



After registration, this plugin enables the 'tarmount' route handler. Note that @hapi/inert is required to be registered as well. Eg:

await server.register([Inert, Tarm]);

The tarmount handler

Generates a directory endpoint for serving static content from a tar file. Routes using the directory handler must include a path parameter at the end of the path string (e.g. /path/to/somewhere/{param} where the parameter name does not matter). The path parameter can use any of the parameter options (e.g. {param} for one level files only, {param?} for one level files or the directory root, {param*} for any level, or {param*3} for a specific level). If additional path parameters are present, they are ignored for the purpose of selecting the tar file resource. The tarmount handler is an object with the following options:

  • path - (required) the tar file path (relative paths are resolved based on the route files configuration). Value can be:
    • a single path string pointing to the tar file.
    • an array of path strings. Each path will be attempted in order until a match is found (by following the same process as the single path string).
    • a function with the signature function(request) which returns the path string or an array of path strings. If the function returns an error, the error is passed back to the client in the response.
  • showHidden - optional boolean, determines if hidden files will be shown and served. Defaults to false.
  • etagMethod - specifies the method used to calculate the ETag header response. Available values:
    • 'hash' - SHA1 sum of the file contents, suitable for distributed deployments. Default value.
    • 'simple' - Hex encoded size and modification date, suitable when files are stored on a single server.
    • false - Disable ETag computation.


Tarmount handler plugin for hapi.js







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