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twIMAPd – Twitter based IMAP server

This is a hack that creates a simple IMAP server in Python. But instead of
serving mail messages, it pulls in the data from Twitter and formats the status messages as if they were emails.

If you would like to test it without installing it, drop me a line and I’ll send you my dev server info.

Also looking for help. I’m not a python wiz, so if you are and would like to help, please do.


  • Read/Unread statuses
  • Flagged messages marks as a Favorite
  • Threaded messages



  • python


I have tested it against Mutt and Thunderbird (couldn’t get Apple’s working)

By default the IMAP server will run on port 1143. Simply put that into your mail client and use your Twitter login and password to connect.


Currently it will create 5 folders:

  • Inbox – Friends timeline
  • Sent – Your timeline
  • Directs – All direct messages
  • Mentions – All Mentions
  • Favorites – All your favorites


  • Better Caching – Timed?
  • Create a #hash folder and have it do a search (sort of works)
  • Add SSL support
  • Create an SMTP server to post messages back to twitter from the client
  • Folder Creation – For storing messages
  • Better support for other mail clients

Screen Shot

I don’t want to post a bunch of large screenshots here, so I will just link to them.

Inbox with a Favorite


#yui search folder