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A frontend for ffmpeg using only pipes, not under GPL, but under BSD license.
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A frontend for ffmpeg(libav) using only pipes, to encode/decode/convert videos by each frame, not under GPL, but under BSD license.


  • To get ffmpeg's infomation (versions,codecs,formats,pix_fmts,...)
  • To decode frames from a video
  • To encode a video within posting frames in Python

You can install and test pipeffmpeg as follows:

  1. download ffmpeg(libav) binary or source and build that (not necessary as shared-library).
  2. set bin/ffmpeg or ffmpeg.exe(under Windows) into PATH environment
  3. download into your current directory or site-packages

pipeffmpeg (currently version 0.1.1) is also available at PyPI

pip install pipeffmpeg

Please report issues as well as configuration details for your working PipeFFmpeg installations at

Thus, your feedback is welcome at

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