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A image/comic viewer application for Windows, Mac and Linux, it can show images very fast


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日本語 / English


An image/comic viewer for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It can show images very fast!

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Project Website (in English/Japanese)


  • Fast viewing (using OpenGL)
  • Cross-platform (Windows, macOS, Linux)
  • Portable (no installer needed, does not write to registries, does not need external libraries)
  • Double-page spread view (displaying of two images at once: handy for digital books/comics)
  • Direct reading of archives (zip/7z/rar/cbz/cb7/cbr/cab/tar.gz/tar.bz2/tar.xz, and more)
  • View many different types of images (bmp/png/jpeg/ico/dds/tga/tiff/gif)
    • Supports modern formats (JPEG 2000 / JPEG XR / WebP)
    • Supports Animated PNG (APNG) and GIF
    • Auto-rotation (using JPEG Exif)
  • View RAW images from digital cameras:
    • Canon (crw/cr2)
    • Nikon (nef)
    • Sony (arw)
    • Ricoh (dng)
    • more
  • Create/view/search through the catalogs from thousands of your digital books
  • Multilingual support (English/Spanish/French/Greek/Japanese/Arabic/Russian/Simplified Chinese)


Binary Distributions

  • Windows .zip (x86/x64)
  • Mac .dmg (x64) (until v1.1.1)
  • Linux .AppImage (x64) (until v1.1.1)


Contributions go far beyond pull requests and commits to the code. We would love to give you an opportunity to put your stamp on QuickViewer. We also are thrilled to receive a great variety of other contributions, including:

  • Documentation updates, enhancements, designs, or bugfixes
  • Spelling or grammar corrections
  • Addition of another language translations, especially of your native language — this is very easy
  • corrections or redesign
  • Adding unit or functional tests
  • Testing GitHub issues — especially determining whether an issue still persists and is reproducible
  • Blogging, chatting, tweeting

We contracted with OpenCollective to allow this project to accept donations. Your one-time or ongoing financial contributions will help us improve QuickViewer's capabilities and make it easier to use on each device.


Single page view

1 page viewing

Double-page spread view

Spread viewing

Stripped view

If you want, you can remove all attached bars, and display images alone. Hidden bars are displayed automatically upon hovering over the top or bottom of the program window.

Stripped viewing

How to use

  • Execute QuickViewer and then drag and drop an image, folder, or archive onto the window.
  • Create a shortcut to QuickViewer and then drag and drop an image, folder, or archive onto it.


  • Next Page (press 'Right Arrow Key', 'Mouse wheel down', 'Mouse forward button', or click left edge of the window)
  • Previous Page (press 'Left Arrow Key', 'Mouse wheel up', 'Mouse back button', or click right edge of the window)
  • Fullscreen (press 'F11 Key', click Mouse wheel, or 'Esc Key' (to windowed only))
  • Auto load the view (restore last book when application is executed)
  • Fitting (fit images to the size of the window)
  • Double-page spread view (show two images simultaneously)
    • Bound to the right side (e.g. Japanese Style)
  • Pages' pre-loading (since v0.2.0)
  • Exif Information (since v0.3.0)
  • Open location of the current image with Windows Explorer
  • Put the current image into your mailer
  • Shader Program Filters (since v0.5.1):
    • Nearest Neighbor
    • Bilinear
    • Bicubic by GPU (obsolete since v0.9.3)
    • Lanczos (obsolete since v0.9.3)
    • Bicubic by CPU
    • Lanczos3 by CPU (since 1.0.9)
    • Lanczos4 by CPU (since 1.0.9)
  • Catalog (since v0.6.0)
    • Database for your digital books, can manage thousands of volumes: quick view and search
  • File Associations (since v0.8.3)
  • Retouching (change Brightness, Contrast, Gamma value) (since 1.0.8).

Screen operations

You can perform screen operations with the main menu, toolbar, mouse button, wheel, keyboard, and so on.

Operation  Device Input Remarks
Next Page Keyboard Right Key(→)
Keyboard Space Key
          Mouse Wheel Downward scrolling
          Mouse Forward Button 
          Touch Panel Swipe left At the bottom of the screen
Prev Page Keyboard Left Key(←)
Keyboard BackSpace Key
          Mouse Wheel Upward scrolling
          Mouse Back Button
          Touch Panel Swipe right At the bottom of the screen
First Page Keyboard Home Key
Last Page Keyboard End Key
Next Volume Keyboard Page Down Key Open neighboring folder/archive
Prev Volume Keyboard Page Up Key Open neighboring folder/archive
Fullscreen Keyboard F11 Key
          Mouse Wheel Clicked A Middle Button
          Keyboard ESC Key Fullscreen mode only
          Touch Panel Swipe up with two fingers
Exit App Keyboard ESC Key Except in Fullscreen mode
Scale Up Keyboard Ten keys(+) Do nothing with Fitting
Scale Down Keyboard Ten keys(-) Do nothing with Fitting
Fitting Keyboard F12 Key
Keyboard Ten keys(-)
          Mouse Right Button + Wheel Clicked
          Mouse Ctrl + Wheel Clicked
Image to trash box Keyboard Delete Key Move the Image of current page to trash box
Rename Image Keyboard F2 Key
Copy Image Keyboard Ctrl+C Key Copy Image of current page
Zoom in  Mouse Wheel Right Button + Upward scrolling
Mouse Wheel Ctrl + Upward scrolling
Zoom out  Mouse Wheel Right Button + Downward scrolling
Mouse Wheel Ctrl + Downward scrolling

System Requirement

  • Operating System
    • Windows Vista, 7 or newer
    • Windows Sever 2008 or newer
    • Linux Distributions (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Fedora, etc.)
  • CPU
    • minimum Dual Core (the more the better; with internal or external GPU)
    • strongly recommended an x64 architecture
  • RAM
    • more than 1GB of free memory.

Looking for contributors!

  • Portuguese/Hindu/Bengali/Malay speakers
  • Mac/Linux software developers.

Report issues

Public Project Issues:

Please report issues along with configuration details of your QuickViewer's working installation at

Your feedback is always welcome at KATO Kanryu <>.

Project Source Code Repository

To build from the source code, visit:


This program is distributed in hopes to be useful and to be used, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY—without even implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See GNU General Public License for more details.