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from django.db import models
from django.http import Http404
from django.conf.urls import url
from django.conf import settings
from django.core.exceptions import *
from django.db.models import Sum
from django.shortcuts import redirect
from dateutil.relativedelta import relativedelta
from haystack.inputs import AutoQuery
from tastypie.cache import SimpleCache
from tastypie.resources import ModelResource, Resource
from tastypie.exceptions import BadRequest
from tastypie.constants import ALL, ALL_WITH_RELATIONS
from tastypie import fields, http
from sorl.thumbnail import get_thumbnail
import datetime
import re
from parliament.models import *
from social.api import UpdateResource
from .search_resource import SearchResource
# Save these for caching purposes
term_list = list(Term.objects.visible())
party_list = [(, p) for p in Party.objects.all()]
party_dict = {id: p for id, p in party_list}
def process_api_thumbnail(bundle, image, field_name):
tn_dim = bundle.request.GET.get('thumbnail_dim', None)
if not tn_dim:
arr = tn_dim.strip().split('x')
if len(arr) == 2:
# Make sure they are numbers.
[int(x) for x in arr]
except ValueError:
arr = []
if len(arr) != 2:
raise BadRequest("Thumbnail dimensions not in proper format (e.g. 64x96)")
tn_dim = 'x'.join(arr)[field_name] = get_thumbnail(image, tn_dim, crop="center").url
def parse_date_from_opts(options, field_name, default=None):
val = options.get(field_name, None)
if not val:
if not default:
return None
val = default
val = val.lower()
if val == 'month':
return - relativedelta(months=1)
elif val == '2months':
return - relativedelta(months=2)
elif val == 'term':
return Term.objects.latest().begin
date_val = datetime.datetime.strptime(val, '%Y-%m-%d')
except ValueError:
raise BadRequest("'%s' must be in ISO date format (yyyy-mm-dd)" % field_name)
return date_val
class KamuResource(ModelResource):
def __init__(self, api_name=None):
super(KamuResource, self).__init__(api_name)
self._meta.cache = SimpleCache(timeout=3600)
self._meta.list_allowed_methods = ['get']
self._meta.detail_allowed_methods = ['get']
class TermResource(KamuResource):
class Meta:
queryset = Term.objects.all()
def api_get_thumbnail(request, image, supported_dims):
dim = request.GET.get('dim', None)
if not dim or not re.match(r'[\d]+x[\d]+$', dim):
raise BadRequest("You must supply the 'dim' parameter for the image dimensions (e.g. 64x64")
width, height = [int(x) for x in dim.split('x')]
if not (width, height) in supported_dims:
dims = ', '.join([('%dx%d' % (x[0], x[1])) for x in supported_dims])
raise BadRequest("Supported thumbnail dimensions: %s" % dims)
fmt = 'PNG' if str(image).endswith('.png') else 'JPEG'
tn_url = get_thumbnail(image, '%dx%d' % (width, height), format=fmt, crop="center").url
return redirect(tn_url)
class DictModel(object):
def __init__(self, base_dict):
self.__base_dict = base_dict
def __getattr__(self, key):
value = self.__base_dict[key]
if type(value) == type({}):
return DictModel(value)
return value
class ActivityScoresResource(Resource):
type = fields.CharField(attribute='type')
score = fields.FloatField(attribute='score')
time = fields.DateTimeField(attribute='activity_date')
def get_list(self, request, **kwargs):
self.parent_object = kwargs.get('parent_object')
if self.parent_object is None:
raise BadRequest('Missing parent object. Trying to get this as a non-nested resource?')
self.parent_uri = kwargs.get('parent_uri')
if self.parent_uri is None:
raise BadRequest('Missing parent uri.')
return super(ActivityScoresResource, self).get_list(request, **kwargs)
def obj_get_list(self, bundle, **kwargs):
resolution = bundle.request.GET.get('resolution', '').lower()
if resolution == '':
resolution = None
since = parse_date_from_opts(bundle.request.GET, 'since')
until = parse_date_from_opts(bundle.request.GET, 'until')
keyword = bundle.request.GET.get('keyword', '')
if keyword:
kw_obj = Keyword.objects.get(name__iexact=keyword)
except Keyword.DoesNotExist:
raise BadRequest("Invalid keyword '%s'" % keyword)
kwargs['keyword'] = kw_obj
obj = self.parent_object
score_list = obj.get_activity_score_set(since=since, until=until,
bundle = []
for score in score_list:
score_obj = DictModel(score)
return bundle
def get_resource_uri(self, bundle_or_obj=None, url_name='api_dispatch_list'):
return self.parent_uri
class Meta:
include_resource_uri = False
resource_name = 'activity_scores'
class ParliamentResource(Resource):
class ParliamentHelper(object):
def get_activity_score_set(self, **kwargs):
scores = MemberActivity.objects.get_score_set(**kwargs)
if 'calc_average' in kwargs:
for s in scores:
s['score'] /= settings.NUMBER_OF_MPS
return scores
def get_parliament_activity_scores(self, request, **kwargs):
self.method_check(request, allowed=['get'])
obj = self.ParliamentHelper()
scores_resource = ActivityScoresResource()
uri_base = self._build_reverse_url('api_get_parliament_activity_scores',
if request.GET.get('calculate_average', '').lower() in ['true', '1']:
kwargs['calc_average'] = 1
return scores_resource.get_list(request, parent_object=obj,
parent_uri=uri_base, **kwargs)
def prepend_urls(self):
url_base = r"^(?P<resource_name>%s)/" % self._meta.resource_name
return [
url(url_base + 'activity_scores/$',
def detail_uri_kwargs(self, bundle_or_obj=None):
return {}
class Meta:
dummy = 1
class PartyResource(KamuResource):
SUPPORTED_LOGO_DIMS = ((32, 32), (48, 48), (64, 64), (128,128))
logo_128x128 = fields.FileField()
member_count = fields.IntegerField(help_text="Number of currently serving MP's in this party.")
governing_now = fields.BooleanField(help_text="True if the party is currently in government")
governing_terms = fields.DictField(help_text="Time intervals when the party has been in the government")
minister_count = fields.IntegerField(help_text="Number of currently acting ministers in the party.")
stats = fields.DictField(help_text="Party's activity statistics: 'recent_activity' is average of the Party's current MPs' activity and 'activity_days_included' is days from 'since'. Included only if the 'stats' is in the `include` parameter.")
def get_logo(self, request, **kwargs):
self.method_check(request, allowed=['get'])
party = Party.objects.get(abbreviation=kwargs.get('abbreviation'))
except Party.DoesNotExist:
return http.HttpNotFound()
return api_get_thumbnail(request, party.logo, self.SUPPORTED_LOGO_DIMS)
def prepend_urls(self):
url_base = r"^(?P<resource_name>%s)/(?P<abbreviation>[\w\d_.-]+)/" % self._meta.resource_name
return [
url(url_base + '$', self.wrap_view('dispatch_detail'), name="api_dispatch_detail"),
url(url_base + 'logo/$', self.wrap_view('get_logo'), name="api_get_logo"),
url(url_base + 'activity_scores/$',
def get_party(self, request, **kwargs):
self.method_check(request, allowed=['get'])
if 'abbreviation' in kwargs:
party_abbreviation = kwargs.get('abbreviation')
party = Party.objects.get(abbreviation=party_abbreviation)
except Party.DoesNotExist:
raise Http404("Party '%s' does not exist" % party_abbreviation)
party_id = kwargs.get('pk')
party = Party.objects.get(pk=party_id)
except Party.DoesNotExist:
raise Http404("Party ID '%s' does not exist" % party_id)
return party
def get_party_activity_scores(self, request, **kwargs):
obj = self.get_party(request, **kwargs)
scores_resource = ActivityScoresResource()
uri_base = self._build_reverse_url('api_get_party_activity_scores',
return scores_resource.get_list(request, parent_object=obj,
parent_uri=uri_base, **kwargs)
def dehydrate(self, bundle):
party = bundle.obj['logo_128x128'] = get_thumbnail(party.logo, '128x128', format='PNG').url['member_count'] = party.member_set.current().count()['governing_now'] = party.is_governing()
gps = party.governingparty_set.order_by('begin')
d = [{'begin': gp.begin, 'end': gp.end} for gp in gps]['governing_terms'] = d
# This tests for whether the member has a ministryassociation that has not ended. (Begin condition
# is due to to the null testing on right side of left join)['minister_count'] = party.member_set.filter(ministryassociation__isnull=False,ministryassociation__end__isnull=True).count()
opts = {'since': bundle.request.GET.get('activity_since', 'term')}
activity_start = parse_date_from_opts(opts, 'since')
recent_keywords = bundle.request.GET.get('recent_keywords', '')
if recent_keywords.lower() in ('1', 'true'):
# Add keywords with most recent activity
kwa_list = KeywordActivity.objects.filter(activity__member__party=bundle.obj).filter(activity__time__gte=activity_start)
qs = Keyword.objects.filter(keywordactivity__in=kwa_list)
qs = qs.annotate(score=Sum('keywordactivity__activity__type__weight')).order_by('-score')
kw_list = qs[0:5]['recent_keywords'] = [
{'id':, 'score': kw.score, 'name':, 'slug': kw.get_slug()} for kw in kw_list
include = bundle.request.GET.get('include', '')
if include.lower() == 'stats':['stats'] = {}
score = bundle.obj.get_activity_score(begin=activity_start)['stats']['recent_activity'] = score
# Could be calculated only once per request, but tastypie
# probably makes this difficult and we are very slow already
days = ( - activity_start).days['stats']['activity_days_included'] = days
return bundle
class Meta:
queryset = Party.objects.all()
detail_uri_name = 'abbreviation'
filtering = {
'abbreviation': ('exact',)
custom_parameters = {
'include': {
'type': 'str',
'descr': "Comma separated list of nested models to include. Currently supports 'stats'."
'activity_since': {
'type': 'datetime',
'descr': "Calculate activity since date until now. Accepts also 'term' for current term (default), 'month' for past 30 days or '2months' for past 60 days."
class CommitteeResource(KamuResource):
class Meta:
queryset = Committee.objects.all()
class CommitteeAssociationResource(KamuResource):
class Meta:
queryset = CommitteeAssociation.objects.all()
class MemberResource(KamuResource):
SUPPORTED_PORTRAIT_DIMS = ((48, 72), (64, 96), (106, 159), (128, 192))
party = fields.ForeignKey('parliament.api.PartyResource', 'party')
# Custom fields added in dehydrate
district_name = fields.CharField(help_text="Name of the MP's electorate district")
posts = fields.DictField(help_text="Posts of the MP, eg ministership and commitee memberships.")
all_posts = fields.BooleanField(help_text="Include all MP's posts. By default returns only posts that the MP is currently serving in.")
terms = fields.IntegerField(help_text="Number of terms served in the parliament")
age = fields.IntegerField(help_text="MP's current age in years")
party_associations = fields.DictField(help_text="Time intervals when the MP has been member of parties.")
stats = fields.DictField(help_text="MP's statistics such as attendance. Included only if the 'stats' is in the `include` parameter.")
activity_score = fields.FloatField(help_text="Total activity score calculated since the date given by the 'since' parameter. Included only if the 'stats' is in the `include` parameter.")
activity_days_included = fields.FloatField(help_text="Days included in the average activity score. Included only if the activity score is included.")
def prepend_urls(self):
url_base = r"^(?P<resource_name>%s)/(?P<pk>\d+)/" % self._meta.resource_name
return [
url(url_base + 'portrait/$', self.wrap_view('get_portrait'), name="api_get_portrait"),
url(url_base + 'activity_scores/$',
def get_member(self, request, **kwargs):
self.method_check(request, allowed=['get'])
member_id = kwargs.get('pk')
member = Member.objects.get(pk=member_id)
except Member.DoesNotExist:
raise Http404("Member ID '%s' does not exist" % member_id)
return member
def get_portrait(self, request, **kwargs):
member = self.get_member(request, **kwargs)
return api_get_thumbnail(request,, self.SUPPORTED_PORTRAIT_DIMS)
def get_member_activity_scores(self, request, **kwargs):
obj = self.get_member(request, **kwargs)
scores_resource = ActivityScoresResource()
uri_base = self._build_reverse_url('api_get_member_activity_scores',
return scores_resource.get_list(request, parent_object=obj,
parent_uri=uri_base, **kwargs)
def build_filters(self, filters=None):
orm_filters = super(MemberResource, self).build_filters(filters)
return orm_filters
def apply_filters(self, request, applicable_filters):
qset = super(MemberResource, self).apply_filters(request, applicable_filters)
if request.GET.get('current', '').lower() in ('1', 'true'):
current_term = term_list[0]
qset = qset & Member.objects.active_in_term(current_term)
return qset
def apply_sorting(self, obj_list, options=None):
if 'order_by' in options:
val = options['order_by']
if val[0] == '-':
val = val[1:]
if val == 'activity_score':
since = parse_date_from_opts(options, 'activity_since', 'term')
# NOTE! This must produce same results as Member.get_activity_score
# for the responses to makes sense.
obj_list = obj_list.filter(memberactivity__time__gte=since)
obj_list = obj_list.annotate(activity_score=models.Sum('memberactivity__type__weight'))
obj_list = obj_list.order_by(options['order_by'])
return obj_list
return super(MemberResource, self).apply_sorting(obj_list, options)
def dehydrate(self, bundle):
process_api_thumbnail(bundle,, 'photo_thumbnail')['district_name'] = bundle.obj.get_latest_district().name['print_name'] = bundle.obj.get_print_name()
if bundle.request.GET.get('all_posts', '').lower() in ('true', '1'):
current = False
current = True
posts = bundle.obj.get_posts(current)
d = {'ministry': [{'begin': x.begin, 'end': x.end, 'label': x.label, 'role': x.role} for x in posts['ministry']]}
d['committee'] = [{'begin': x.begin, 'end': x.end, 'committee':, 'role': x.role} for x in posts['committee']]
d['speaker'] = [{'begin': x.begin, 'end': x.end, 'role': x.role} for x in posts['speaker']]['posts'] = d['terms'] = [ for term in bundle.obj.get_terms()]['age'] = bundle.obj.get_age()
pa_list = []
for pa in bundle.obj.partyassociation_set.all().order_by('begin'):
abbr =
abbr =
d = {'party': abbr, 'begin': pa.begin, 'end': pa.end}
pa_list.append(d)['party_associations'] = pa_list
opts = {'since': bundle.request.GET.get('activity_since', 'term')}
activity_since = parse_date_from_opts(opts, 'since')
include = bundle.request.GET.get('include', '')
if include.lower() == 'stats':
# FIXME: What is "latest!?"['stats'] = bundle.obj.get_latest_stats()
# If sorting is used, the activity score is calculated
# already during sorting. This will be added later on.
if not hasattr(bundle.obj, 'activity_score'):
bundle.obj.activity_score = bundle.obj.get_activity_score(activity_since)
if hasattr(bundle.obj, 'activity_score'):['activity_score'] = bundle.obj.activity_score
if 'activity_score' in
# Could be calculated only once per request, but tastypie
# probably makes this difficult and we are very slow already['activity_days_included'] = ( - activity_since).days
activity_counts = bundle.request.GET.get('activity_counts', '')
if activity_counts.lower() in ('1', 'true'):
resolution = bundle.request.GET.get(
'activity_counts_resolution', None)['activity_counts'] = bundle.obj.get_activity_counts(
since=activity_since, resolution=resolution)
return bundle
class Meta:
queryset = Member.objects.all().exclude(origin_id__startswith='nonmp')\
ordering = ['activity_score', 'origin_id']
filtering = {
'name': ('exact', 'in'),
custom_parameters = {
'include': {
'type': 'str',
'descr': "Comma separated list of nested models to include. Currently supports 'stats'."
'activity_since': {
'type': 'datetime',
'descr': "Calculate activity since date until now. Accepts also 'term' for current term (default), 'month' for past 30 days or '2months' for past 60 days."
class PlenarySessionResource(KamuResource):
plenary_votes = fields.ToManyField('parliament.api.PlenaryVoteResource', 'plenaryvote_set', null=True)
class Meta:
queryset = PlenarySession.objects.all()
resource_name = 'plenary_session'
filtering = {
'date': ALL,
class PlenarySessionItemResource(KamuResource):
plenary_session = fields.ForeignKey(PlenarySessionResource, 'plsess')
documents = fields.ManyToManyField('parliament.api.DocumentResource', 'docs', full=False)
plenary_votes = fields.OneToManyField('parliament.api.PlenaryVoteResource', 'plenary_votes', full=False, null=True)
class Meta:
queryset = PlenarySessionItem.objects.order_by('number', 'sub_number')
resource_name = 'plenary_session_item'
filtering = {
'plenary_session': ALL_WITH_RELATIONS,
'processing_stage': ALL,
'nr_votes': ALL,
'nr_statements': ALL,
ordering = ['plenary_session']
class PlenaryVoteResource(KamuResource):
plenary_session = fields.ForeignKey(PlenarySessionResource, 'plsess')
session_item = fields.ForeignKey(PlenarySessionItemResource, 'plsess_item')
def dehydrate(self, bundle):
if bundle.request.GET.get('votes', '').lower() in ('true', '1'):
votes = bundle.obj.vote_set.all().select_related('member')
votes_data = []
vote_date =
districts = DistrictAssociation.objects.between(vote_date, vote_date)
mp_districts = {x.member_id: x for x in districts}
for v_obj in votes:
d = {'vote':}
member = v_obj.member
mp = {'name':, 'print_name': member.get_print_name()}
mp['party'] = party_dict[member.party_id].abbreviation
mp['birth_date'] = member.birth_date
mp['gender'] = member.gender
district = mp_districts.get(, None)
if district:
mp['district'] =
d['member'] = mp
votes_data.append(d)['votes'] = votes_data
return bundle
def dehydrate_vote_counts(self, bundle):
return bundle.obj.get_vote_counts()
class Meta:
queryset = PlenaryVote.objects.all()
resource_name = 'plenary_vote'
filtering = {
'plenary_session': ALL_WITH_RELATIONS,
'session_item': ALL_WITH_RELATIONS,
class VoteResource(KamuResource):
plenary_vote = fields.ForeignKey(PlenaryVoteResource, 'session')
member = fields.ForeignKey(MemberResource, 'member')
class Meta:
queryset = Vote.objects.all()
filtering = {
'plenary_vote': ALL_WITH_RELATIONS,
'vote': ['in', 'exact']
class StatementResource(KamuResource):
member = fields.ForeignKey('parliament.api.MemberResource', 'member', null=True)
session_item = fields.ForeignKey(PlenarySessionItemResource, 'item')
class Meta:
resource_name = 'statement'
queryset = Statement.objects.all()
filtering = {
'member': ['exact', 'in']
class MemberActivityTypeResource(KamuResource):
class Meta:
resource_name = 'member_activity_type'
queryset = MemberActivityType.objects.all()
filtering = {
'type': ['exact', 'in']
class MemberActivityResource(KamuResource):
member = fields.ForeignKey('parliament.api.MemberResource', 'member', null=True)
type = fields.ForeignKey(MemberActivityTypeResource, 'type')
def dehydrate(self, bundle):
obj = bundle.obj
if obj.member:
member = {}
member['name'] =
member['print_name'] = obj.member.get_print_name()
member['slug'] = obj.member.url_name
member['party_name'] = party_dict[obj.member.party_id].name
member['party'] = party_dict[obj.member.party_id].abbreviation['member_info'] = member['type'] =
d = obj.get_target_info()
if d:['target'] = d
target_obj = d['object']
del d['object']
acttype =
if acttype in ('FB', 'TW'):
res_class = UpdateResource
elif acttype == 'ST':
res_class = StatementResource
elif acttype in ('IN', 'WQ', 'GB', 'SI'):
res_class = DocumentResource
raise Exception("Invalid type %s" % acttype)
res = res_class()
uri = res.get_resource_uri(target_obj)['target']['resource_uri'] = uri
return bundle
def apply_filters(self, request, applicable_filters):
qset = super(MemberActivityResource, self).apply_filters(request, applicable_filters)
kw_name = request.GET.get('keyword', None)
if kw_name:
keyword = Keyword.objects.get(name__iexact=kw_name)
except Keyword.DoesNotExist:
raise Http404("Keyword '%s' does not exist" % kw_name)
qset = qset.filter(keywordactivity__keyword=keyword).distinct()
return qset
class Meta:
queryset = MemberActivity.objects.all().order_by('-time').select_related('member').select_related('type')
resource_name = 'member_activity'
filtering = {
'time': ALL,
class KeywordActivityResource(KamuResource):
activity = fields.ForeignKey(MemberActivityResource, 'activity', full=True)
keyword = fields.ForeignKey('parliament.api.KeywordResource', 'keyword')
class Meta:
queryset = KeywordActivity.objects.all().order_by('-activity__time')
resource_name = 'keyword_activity'
filtering = {
'keyword': ('exact', 'in'),
class FundingSourceResource(KamuResource):
class Meta:
queryset = FundingSource.objects.all()
resource_name = 'funding_source'
class FundingResource(KamuResource):
member = fields.ForeignKey(MemberResource, 'member')
source = fields.ForeignKey(FundingSourceResource, 'source', null=True, full=True)
class Meta:
queryset = Funding.objects.all()
class SeatResource(KamuResource):
class Meta:
queryset = Seat.objects.all()
class MemberSeatResource(KamuResource):
seat = fields.ForeignKey(SeatResource, 'seat', full=True)
member = fields.ForeignKey(MemberResource, 'member')
class Meta:
queryset = MemberSeat.objects.all()
resource_name = 'member_seat'
class DocumentResource(KamuResource):
def dehydrate(self, bundle):['type_name'] = bundle.obj.get_type_display()
return bundle
class Meta:
queryset = Document.objects.all()
class KeywordResource(KamuResource):
class Meta:
filtering = {
'name': ('exact', 'iexact', 'startswith', 'contains', 'icontains')
queryset = Keyword.objects.all()
max_limit = 5000
def get_keyword(self, request, **kwargs):
self.method_check(request, allowed=['get'])
keyword_id = kwargs.get('pk')
keyword = Keyword.objects.get(pk=keyword_id)
except Keyword.DoesNotExist:
raise Http404("Keyword ID '%s' does not exist" % keyword_id)
return keyword
def prepend_urls(self):
url_base = r"^(?P<resource_name>%s)/(?P<pk>\d+)/" % self._meta.resource_name
return [
url(url_base + 'activity_scores/$',
def get_keyword_activity_scores(self, request, **kwargs):
obj = self.get_keyword(request, **kwargs)
scores_resource = ActivityScoresResource()
uri_base = self._build_reverse_url('api_get_keyword_activity_scores',
return scores_resource.get_list(request, parent_object=obj,
parent_uri=uri_base, **kwargs)
def dehydrate(self, bundle):
obj = bundle.obj
if getattr(obj, 'activity_score', None) is not None:['activity_score'] = obj.activity_score
if getattr(obj, 'last_date', None) is not None:['last_date'] = obj.last_date['slug'] = obj.get_slug()
latest_term = Term.objects.latest()
if bundle.request.GET.get('related', '').lower() in ('true', '1'):
qs = Keyword.objects.filter(document__in=bundle.obj.document_set.all()).distinct()
qs = qs.annotate(count=models.Count('document')).filter(document__in=bundle.obj.document_set.all())
qs = qs.order_by('-count')[0:20]
related_kws = [{'id':, 'name':, 'slug': kw.get_slug(), 'count': kw.count} for kw in qs if !=]['related'] = related_kws
if bundle.request.GET.get('most_active', '').lower() in ('true', '1'):
mp_list = Member.objects.active_in_term(latest_term).filter(memberactivity__keywordactivity__keyword=bundle.obj)
mp_list = mp_list.distinct().annotate(score=models.Sum('memberactivity__type__weight')).order_by('-score')
party_dict = {}
for p in Party.objects.all():
p.mp_count = p.member_set.active_in_term(latest_term).count()
p.score = 0
party_dict[] = p
for mp in mp_list:
party_dict[mp.party_id].score += mp.score
for p in list(party_dict.values()):
if p.mp_count:
p.score /= p.mp_count
assert p.score == 0
party_list = list(party_dict.values())
party_list = sorted(party_list, key=lambda p: p.score, reverse=True)
d = {}
mp_json = []
for mp in mp_list[0:10]:
mpd = dict(, name=mp.get_print_name(), url_name=mp.url_name)
mpd['score'] = mp.score
mpd['party'] =
mpd['party'] = None
d['members'] = mp_json
#FIXME: Party data should be averaged to per-MP values
d['parties'] = [{'id':, 'abbreviation': party.abbreviation, 'name':, 'score': party.score, 'mp_count': party.mp_count} for party in party_list]['most_active'] = d
return bundle
def apply_sorting(self, obj_list, options=None):
obj_list = super(KeywordResource, self).apply_sorting(obj_list, options)
if options.get('activity', '').lower() in ('true', '1'):
# Activity filtering and sorting
since = parse_date_from_opts(options, 'since')
q = Q()
if since:
q &= Q(keywordactivity__activity__time__gte=since)
until = parse_date_from_opts(options, 'until')
if until:
q &= Q(keywordactivity__activity__time__lte=until)
obj_list = obj_list.filter(q)
obj_list = obj_list.annotate(activity_score=models.Sum('keywordactivity__activity__type__weight'))
obj_list = obj_list.filter(activity_score__gt=0).order_by('-activity_score')
if options.get('last_date', '').lower() in ('true', '1'):
obj_list = obj_list.annotate(last_date=models.Max('keywordactivity__activity__time'))
return obj_list
def apply_filters(self, request, applicable_filters):
qset = super(KeywordResource, self).apply_filters(request, applicable_filters)
val = request.GET.get('input', None)
if val:
qset = qset.filter(name__istartswith=val)
return qset
class MemberUpdateResource(UpdateResource):
def dehydrate(self, bundle):
bundle = super(MemberUpdateResource, self).dehydrate(bundle)
obj = bundle.obj
mf = obj.feed.membersocialfeed['member_name'] = mf.member
if mf.member.party_id:
party =
party = None['member_party'] = party['feed_type'] = obj.feed.type
return bundle
class Meta:
queryset = Update.objects.all()
resource_name = 'update'
class KamuSearchResource(SearchResource):
def dehydrate(self, bundle):
obj = bundle.obj
if obj.model not in res_by_model:
return bundle
res = res_by_model[obj.model](api_name='v1')
target_bundle = res.build_bundle(obj=obj.object, request=bundle.request)
out = res.full_dehydrate(target_bundle) =['score'] = obj.score['object_type'] = obj.model_name
if obj.highlighted:['highlighted_text'] = obj.highlighted
return bundle
def apply_filters(self, request, applicable_filters):
objects = self.get_object_list(request)
if not request:
return objects
query = request.GET.get('q', None)
if query:
objects = objects.filter(text=AutoQuery(query)).models(MemberActivity).highlight()
objects = objects.order_by('-time')
input_str = request.GET.get('input', None)
if input_str:
objects = objects.filter(autosuggest=input_str.lower())
return objects.load_all()
class Meta:
index_fields = ['autosuggest']
all_resources = [TermResource, ParliamentResource, PartyResource, MemberResource, PlenarySessionResource,
PlenaryVoteResource, VoteResource, FundingSourceResource, FundingResource,
SeatResource, MemberSeatResource, DocumentResource, MemberActivityResource,
KeywordResource, CommitteeResource, KeywordActivityResource,
PlenarySessionItemResource, StatementResource, MemberUpdateResource,
res_by_model = {}
for res in all_resources:
if not hasattr(res.Meta, 'queryset'):
res_by_model[res.Meta.queryset.model] = res
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