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Attachments Package

The attachments package provides build-steps for adding static files as attachments to your design doc. Use this for loading static HTML, CSS, JS etc.


Add attachments to your dependencies section in kanso.json.

  "dependencies": {
    "attachments": null,

Run kanso install to fetch the package.


To tell the package which files to read and add to the design doc, add the attachments property to your kanso.json and list the files you want to load.

  "attachments": ["index.html", "css"]
  "dependencies": {
    "attachments": null,

You can list individual files or whole directories in the attachments property. Hidden files and directories (with a preceeding '.') are ignored.


Once you've updated your settings in kanso.json, the next time you kanso push these files will be read from the filesystem and added as attachments to your app. These attachments are then available at http://hostname:port/dbname/_design/appname/attachment_path

The path used for the attachments is the relative path to the file from your project directory.

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