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Kanso package - uses CouchDB for storage and doesn't push extra design docs like backbone-couch
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Backbone Adapter

Uses CouchDB for storage, does not push extra design docs like backbone-couch, leaving you in control of the views. Also uses the db module instead of writing it's own client on top of jQuery.


In your app initialization, set the db URL for your app and replace the default Backbone sync function with the one provided by the adapter.

var Backbone = require('backbone'),
    adapter = require('backbone-adapter');

Backbone.db = '/my/db/url';
Backbone.sync = adapter.sync;

Then, in your Collections, define the CouchDB view they relate to:

exports.TestList = Backbone.Collection.extend({
    view: {
        ddoc: 'appname',
        name: 'types',
        query: {
            key: ['test']

This will fetch the view at /my/db/url/\_design/appname/\_view/types?key=%5B%22test%22%5D&include_docs=true

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