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The Open Garden Project

The open garden project is a delivery platform for couchapps which does the following:

  • provides a Garden Market. This is an app 'store' for couchapps. Developers will have a simple way to put their app in the market from kanso. The general public will have an interface to browse apps, and install them.
  • provides a Garden Dashboard. This is a hosted application (cloud or corporate internal) that allows users to manage their couchapps, and install new couchapps.
  • provides a Garden Sync. This is a simple way for users to take their garden dashboard offline to local devices and manage replication. It will provide a one click install to win/mac/linux. Mobile devices will have an app in the app store.

It is an open garden being the opposite of a Walled Garden. The name is also paying tribute to the original Garden project by J Chris Anderson.

Some topics to cover:

The Components:

See a deployed garden here:

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