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Currently in very alpha stage and under heavy testing. Available for iOS only.

Purpose of this React Native App and cli-rn is to simplify and accelerate the process of app development.

cli-rn app will help you to test your RN apps in DEV and PROD modes in record times. You can think of it as a very simplified Expo client with react-native-navigation.

Installation on iOS

Install cli-rn and generate cli-rn app

> npm i -g cli-rn
> cli-rn app

It will start generating cli-rn app and in the end of the process, XCode will opened and you will need to launch the app on your device in Release mode.

App Interface

Once you start testing, you will get App Code generated by cli-rn. You will need to put this code in the text input you see on the screenshot below. Don't forget to choose the correct app mode.

HD video

Things to be aware of

  • While testing an app in any mode, you will see the black screen after running the app. It's totally okay as I haven't found a way to manage it yet. It means that your app started loading.
  • DEV mode: black screen can hang for a while if you run it for the first time. You can check the progress of loading in terminal window where Metro Bundler is running.
  • DEV mode: you can shake the device and it will reload the bundle with added code.
  • DEV mode: no fast-refresh yet.


For more information about testing process and cli itself, please follow cli-rn page.

Worth checking


  • cli-rn making RN app developing experience as smooth as possible - Medium,


Install once, test everywhere. Simplified Expo Client with react-native-navigation. Powered by cli-rn and rnn-starter.








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