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@@ -32,4 +32,3 @@ We as taxpayers pay for research, so we should have access to it, it's difficult
We're specifically interested in how to distribute algorithms between different people and how to distribute datasets. Can we make a difference in that? And if we can, those people that develop algorithms can have a shared environment with someone else, they can re-run that on new data, and if we're successful, that will spur innovation in algorithms and programs. Right now people tend to rewrite their stuff. It seems like we could do much better. That's kind of what we're into. I'm bringing this up because it's a great crowd to talk about all those things, our new idea to generate lots of datasets in biology and how it relates to how science communication will evolve, how distributed labor stuff evolves, and how big bio will draw inferences from biology will also evolve.
With that, our goal of making easier to run code on different computers, to make it easy for regular bioinformatics people that aren't systems programmers to very easily access programs and millions of datasets without redownloading and doing setup, I think that could be relevant to a lot of ways that people distribute information and do publishing, and how people learn from data, and how people do experiments, so we'd love to chat with people about that, so thanks.

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