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""" Various functions related to pointer and address math. Mostly to avoid
depedency loops.
def calculate_bank(address):
"""you are too lazy to divide on your own?"""
if type(address) == str:
address = int(address, 16)
#if 0x4000 <= address <= 0x7FFF:
# raise Exception, "bank 1 does not exist"
return int(address) / 0x4000
def calculate_pointer(short_pointer, bank=None):
"""calculates the full address given a 4-byte pointer and bank byte"""
short_pointer = int(short_pointer)
if 0x4000 <= short_pointer <= 0x7fff:
short_pointer -= 0x4000
bank = int(bank)
bank = 0
pointer = short_pointer + (bank * 0x4000)
return pointer
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