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#copyright ben lipkowitz, 2009. distributed under the GNU GPL version 2 or later
# cat processes.yaml | sed 's/!.*$//' > processes_notags.yaml #strip tags which confuse yaml
# python |dot -Grankdir=LR -Tjpg -o 'foo.jpg'
import os
import yaml
import graph
import random
depthcolors = {} #keeping track of colors per each level
def random_color(depth):
'''A colorvalue may be "h,s,v" (hue, saturation, brightness) floating
point numbers between 0 and 1, or an X11 color name such as white black
red green blue yellow magenta cyan or burlywood, or a "#rrggbb" (red,
green, blue, 2 hex characters each) value.'''
hue = random.uniform(0,1)
saturation = random.uniform(0, 0.3)
brightness = 0.9
returnstring = '"%f,%f,%f"' % (hue, saturation, brightness)
# set color to previous color at this depth (if exists)
if depthcolors.has_key(depth):
returnstring = (depthcolors[depth])[0]
return returnstring
# alt functionality: check if there's a color too similar already at this depth.
# similarity means ?
return returnstring
#linnaeus = yaml.load(open('processes_notags.yaml'))['abrasive jet']
linnaeus = yaml.load(open('trans-tech.yaml'))
taxonomy = graph.digraph()
node_id=0 #we need numerical nodes because some terms show up multiple times, like thermal, mechanical, chemical
def walk(treebeard, color, parent_node, depth):
global node_id
children = []
if hasattr(treebeard, 'keys'):
children = treebeard.keys()
for child in children:
node_id += 1
taxonomy.add_node(node_id, [('label', child), ('shape', 'box'),
('fontsize', '24'), ('color', color), ('style', 'filled')])
taxonomy.add_edge(parent_node, node_id)
mycolor = random_color(depth)
if (depthcolors.has_key(depth)): depthcolors[depth].append(mycolor)
else: depthcolors[depth] = [color]
#if hasattr(child, 'keys'):
walk(treebeard[child], mycolor, node_id, depth+1)
taxonomy.add_node(node_id, [('label', 'root')])
walk(linnaeus, 'yellow', node_id, 0)
print graph.readwrite.write_dot_graph(taxonomy, False)
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