Library for using custom backends for Snap authentication.
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Snap's own Snap.Snaplet.Auth implementation was too much of a ready made solution for my taste. I didn't want anything that would start with creating its own users table, but use the existing one from my existing web site's database instead. Also, I enjoy a more database oriented approach as far as session and user management goes. I don't want my backend code to worry about things like password hashing or salt, but just pass the plaintext password to the database and let the procedure do everything.


This code has been adapted from Snap's own authentication code. The main differences are that AuthManager takes four type parameters, one of which is the custom user type, and that you'll need to write your own backend. It may have arbitrary application specific data attached to the user data, it just has to implement the UserData type class, which exposes a few common attributes that the authentication management code needs and uses.

Also, the only session variable storage and retireval in this model is done against the database. It doesn't use Snap.Snaplet.Session.

CustomAuth doesn't offer any ready backends, but lets you implement your own with the IAuthBackend type implementation.

This code was written for though I hope it would be useful for other people.

How to use this library

A tutorial and Haddock documentation are still missing. is the library's primary user.