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基于 Vue 的小程序开发框架
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.github feat:#159 Merge remote-tracking branch 'vue/dev' into feat/upgrade_2.6.6 Feb 12, 2019
benchmarks build: ship pre-minified versions of CommonJS build and server renderer Dec 12, 2018
dist build: 0.10.1 Apr 19, 2019
examples test: use mocks for commits e2e test Dec 11, 2018
packages build(release): 0.10.0 Apr 19, 2019
test test: add test for Vue.extend Apr 19, 2019
types fix(types): add Vue.version to types (#9431) Feb 6, 2019
.babelrc.js workflow: upgraded to babel 7 (#8948) Oct 23, 2018
.editorconfig feat: add .editorconfig (#5691) May 29, 2017
.eslintignore ignore packages in eslint Jun 8, 2016
.eslintrc.js feat: disable share defaultly #174 Apr 1, 2019
.flowconfig build: rename build/ to scripts/ Dec 22, 2017
.gitignore fix: pre-release Oct 31, 2018
.travis.yml chore: use yarn in ci Mar 20, 2019
LICENSE docs: update LICENSE author Sep 3, 2018 doc: update cli link Apr 1, 2019
package.json build(release): 0.10.0 Apr 19, 2019


Megalo 是基于 Vue(Vue@2.6.6) 的小程序开发框架,让开发者可以用 Vue 的开发方式开发小程序应用。Megalo 是为了跨 H5 和小程序两端的应用提供一个高效的解决方案,只需要少量改动即可完成 H5 和小程序之间的代码迁移。

Megalo 目前支持微信小程序支付宝小程序百度智能小程序字节跳动小程序



  • megalo 经公司内部大项目验证,可在你的公司或个人项目中使用
  • 如果你觉得还不错,请点下「star」以表支持
  • 任何技术问题均可在交流群内讨论

Join the chat at dingtalk Join the chat at wechat


名字来源于动画 Megalo Box。项目启发自 mpvue

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