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import {createNamespace} from 'cls-hooked'
import {ClientSession} from 'mongoose'
import {MongooseConnection} from '../MongooseConnection'
const ns = createNamespace('Transactional')
export function getSession (): ClientSession {
const session = ns.get('session')
// if (!session) throw new Error('getSession 需要在方法中启用 @Transactional')
return session
export function Transactional (options?: { connectionName?: string }): MethodDecorator {
return (target: any, methodName: string | symbol, descriptor: TypedPropertyDescriptor<any>) => {
const originalMethod = descriptor.value
descriptor.value = async function (...args: any[]) {
// const runOriginal = async () => originalMethod.apply(this, [...args])
return await ns.runAndReturn(async () => {
let db = MongooseConnection.getInstance().defaultCon
if (options && options.connectionName) {
const temp = MongooseConnection.getInstance().dbs.get(options.connectionName)
if (!temp) throw new Error(`connection ${options.connectionName} not exists`)
db = temp
if (ns.get('session')) throw new Error('请不要嵌套使用事务')
const session = await db.startSession()
ns.set('session', session)
try {
const value = await originalMethod.apply(this, [...args])
// Since the mutations ran without an error, commit the transaction.
await session.commitTransaction()
// Return any value returned by `mutations` to make this function as transparent as possible.
return value
} catch (error) {
// Abort the transaction as an error has occurred in the mutations above.
await session.abortTransaction()
// Rethrow the error to be caught by the caller.
throw error
} finally {
// End the previous session.
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