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# proxy endpoint settings
# this endpoint must NOT be visible from untrusted sources, or an attacker
# could retrieve data from the cache without valid authentication
proxy_port = 14567
proxy_interface = ''
# realtime-update endpoint settings
# this endpoint must be visible from Facebook.
realtime_port = 14568
realtime_interface = ''
public_hostname = ""
# cache settings
cache_entries = 10000
# application settings: Each application should be specified
# in a format similar to the following example:
# apps[] = { 'appid': 12345, 'property': value }
# Currently supported properties
# appid - the Application ID
# app_cred - an access_token (without the 'access_token=' which
# is a valid client_cred access token for the application.
# This is used to fetch subscription information on startup.
# app_secret - the application secret. This is used only if app_cred
# is not provided to fetch subscription information on startup
# blacklist_fields - Fields which will force a request to bypass the cache
# if present in a ?fields= query string param. This should be an array
# of strings (i.e. ['hometown', 'last_name'])
# whitelist_fields - If present, will only consider requests consisting of only
# these fields as eligible for caching. It is recommended that
# provide exactly one of app_cred, app_secret, and whitelist_fields
# Note: these apply only to fetches of a user (i.e. /userid?fields=name,link)
# Note 2: if one of app_cred or app_secret is specified, the realtime
# subscription for the app will be updated to point to our endpoint.
# blacklist_connections - Connections for which requests will be forced to
# bypass the cache. (for instance /userid/friends)
# whitelist_connections - If present, will only consider connections on this
# as eligible for caching. The notes for whitelist_fields apply here too.
app_1 = {
'app_id': '123456789012345', \
'app_cred': '123456789012345|REPLACEWITHYOURCRED.',
'whitelist_fields': ['first_name', 'last_name', 'name', 'about', 'bio',
'about', 'relationship_status', 'email', 'significant_other',
'hometown', 'location', 'work', 'education', 'gender'],
'whitelist_connections': ['friends', 'feed', 'movies', 'books',
'family', 'activities', 'interests', 'music', 'television',
'statuses', 'links', 'picture']}
apps = [app_1]