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Tapestry5 CkEditor integration
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Plannow Technologies

Tapestry 5 CKEditor Contribution

This implementation is based on CKEditor.

ckeditor mixin

This contribution provides the following feature:

  • Mixin:
    • CKEditor

Sample usage

<t:textArea t:mixins="pn/CKEditor" value="prop:value" parameters="{'toolbar': 'Basic'}" />
<t:textArea t:mixins="pn/CKEditor" value="prop:value" parameters="{'toolbar': 'Full'}" />
  • Note: the value of the parameters attribute is passed to CKEditor's replace method.

Copyright and license

Plannow Technologies Tapestry5 CkEditor Project - Copyright 2011 Plannow Technologies, Inc, licensed under the Apache License version 2.0 as published by the Apache Software Foundation.

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