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Haskell bindings to the SuperCollider synthesis engine
C Haskell
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Stefan Kersten authored

bindings-sc3 is a Haskell library that provides low-level bindings to the SuperCollider synthesis engine library libscsynth.


Currently, bindings-sc3 requires SuperCollider to be built from source (at least revision 12838871d99ff72cfa047aa07e1a53ba2b1c8f5b). See the SuperCollider development page for information on how to get the sources from the git repository and build SuperCollider (you need to pass -DLIBSCSYNTH=ON to cmake in order to build the shared library).


Assuming the environment variable SC points to the SuperCollider source tree, the bindings can then be installed as follows:

DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=$SC/server/scsynth \
    cabal install --extra-include-dirs=$SC/include/common \
                  --extra-include-dirs=$SC/include/plugin_interface \
                  --extra-include-dirs=$SC/include/server \

Reporting bugs

Please report bugs in our issue tracker.


bindings-sc3's source code is hosted at github. You can check out a copy of the repository with the following command:

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