cabal-dev scripts and package patches for building with ghc-ios (deprecated)
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Cabal scripts and package patches for building with ghc-ios.

How to use with cabal-dev

In your source directory execute

$ path/to/ghc-ios-cabal-scripts/add-all <CABAL-DEV-OPTIONS>

This will download and patch packages and add them via add-source. Now install your package (or configure and build) with the following options:


How to add a patch for a package on hackage

$ path/to/ghc-ios-cabal-scripts/unpack <PACKAGE>
$ vi ...
$ git diff > patches/<PACKAGE>
$ git add patches/<PACKAGE>
$ git commit

Then send a pull request.

Package build status

x builds
p builds with patch
? unknown
- won't build

x aeson
x async
x attoparsec
x attoparsec-conduit
p bitset
x bytestring
x cereal
x cereal-conduit
x conduit
x data-lens
x directory
x explicit-exception
x failure
x filepath
x hashable
- hmatrix (custom Setup.hs)
x hosc
x hsc3
- hsc3-lang (hmatrix)
x hsc3-process
x hsc3-server
p lifted-base
p ListZipper
x network
x network-conduit
p primitive
x process
- QuickCheck (TemplateHaskell)
x reactive-banana
x resourcet
x split
x system-fileio
x system-filepath
x text
x transformers
x unix
x unordered-containers
x url
p vector
p zlib