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  • Add Control.Failure.Failure instance to Sound.SC3.Server.State.Monad.Server
  • Add hostname parameter to Sound.SC3.Server.State.Monad.Process.withTransport


  • Use distinct types for audio and control buses and IDs
  • Factor monad type classes into Sound.SC3.Server.Monad.Class
  • Remove Sound.SC3.Server.Monad.capture combinator
  • Upgrade to hosc 0.13 and hsc3 0.13
  • Move Sound.SC3.Server.Monad hierarchy to Sound.SC3.Server.State.Monad to avoid a clash with hsc3
  • Rename Sound.SC3.Server.Monad.Send to Sound.SC3.Server.State.Monad.Request and refactor interface and semantics
  • Export withTransport from Sound.SC3.Server.State.Monad.Process


  • Move allocation interface to Sound.SC3.Server.Monad and add monad control instances: Remove allocation interface from Sound.SC3.Server.Connection and move it to Sound.SC3.Server.Monad.
  • Remove data-accessor dependency.
  • Add instances for MonadBase, MonadBaseControl and MonadTransControl, allowing to lift control operations from the base monad into ServerT.
  • Implement Sound.SC3.Server.Monad.fork in terms of Control.Concurrent.Lifted.fork. fork may be removed from the interface in future versions.


  • Add new modules Sound.SC3.Server.Monad.Send and Sound.SC3.Server.Monad.Command providing abstractions for synchronous and asynchronous commands and completion messages
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