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Collaborative Science Learning Environment

Abbreviated CSLE, pronounced "sizzle".

Interactive, collaborative visualization for FITS, Solar System, and Curiosity goodness.



For development, you'll need brunch:

# Install Brunch globally
npm install brunch -g

# Install project dependencies
cd frontend
npm install .

# To build and run local server
brunch w -s

To deploy, run brunch build and serve the frontend/public directory.

Drag-n-Drop Solar System: Currently, dynamic textures for the solar system require serving the frontend with a PHP-enabled server (generally Apache + mod_php). To enable this, make sure the images/solar_system directory is writeable:

chmod a+rw images/solar_system

Configuration: If you need to change the backend port number or if you're serving the frontend from a non-root directory, edit the file frontend/app/ to reflect your setup. Then, brunch build to generate the frontend with your specfic configuration.


The backend depends on Tornado: pip install tornado

python backend/

If you need to serve from a different port number than the default (8898), pass the number to the script on the command line:

python backend/ 12345

Make sure you refresh the page any time the backend needs to restart, otherwise the websocket connections will silently fail.


I made the JS for the solar system like this:

git clone
cd three-solarsystem
cat `grep 'script src' index.html | grep -v libs | cut -d'"' -f2 | xargs` >solar_system.js

It's been modified pretty heavily since, so dropping that file in will no longer be enough.

The rights to the Curiosity model are somewhat tricky, so the model is not included in this repository. The rover demo will fail semi-gracefully, and that's expected. Once you get the rover model (from the appropriate NASA/JPL sources), save it to frontend/app/assets/models/rover_c4d_001.dae.