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Kapitan: advanced configuration management tool

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Kapitan aims to be your one-stop tool to help you manage the ever growing complexity of your configurations.

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Official site

Quick Start

Install Kapitan

Docker (recommended)

docker run -t --rm -v $(pwd):/src:delegated kapicorp/kapitan -h

On Linux you can add -u $(id -u) to docker run to preserve file permissions.


Kapitan needs Python 3.7.

Install Python 3.7

  • Linux: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install -y python3.7-dev python3-pip python3-yaml
  • Mac: brew install python3 libyaml

Install Kapitan

User ($HOME/.local/lib/python3.7/bin on Linux or $HOME/Library/Python/3.7/bin on macOS):

pip3 install --user --upgrade kapitan

System-wide (not recommended):

sudo pip3 install --upgrade kapitan

Related projects

  • Tesoro - Kubernetes Admission Controller for Kapitan Secrets
  • Kapitan Reference - our reference repository to get started with Kapitan