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HackerNews clone built with Angular 5 using the official firebase HackerNews API
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qqnc and kapillamba4 Fix of some few missing username & comment in comments (#8)
* fixed comment of empty username and comment by passing deleted info to story-feed-item-detail

* fixed comment with empty user and comment under ask page

* fix missing username &comment

* add onDelete in collalpsible list to complete the fix
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src Fix of some few missing username & comment in comments (#8) May 8, 2018
LICENCE Initial commit, project setup Mar 29, 2018
package-lock.json Add user/item route, collapsible list, more styling and update api Mar 30, 2018
tslint.json chore: initial commit from @angular/cli Mar 29, 2018

Hackernews clone using Angular 5

Current Version Live Demo

This is an angular web app powered by RxJS that provides the most of the functionalities of hackernews without the login functionality

Demo Preview Live Demo



Clone this repo to your desktop and run npm install to install all the dependencies.


Once the dependencies are installed, you can run npm start to start the application.

App will be live at localhost:4200


You can check out the full license here

This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.

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