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RESTify class

an abstract class that 'RESTifies' a resource, function, or class method.


'RESTifies' the function, method or resource that uses it.

  • @access public
  • @param string action
  • @return mixed


a protected method that returns a RURL_mapper object.

RURL_mapper class

used to map RESTful URLs


sets the query property to map.

  • @access public
  • @param array data
  • @return void

Sample Usage:

// ..previous code

$resource = '';

$resource = parse_url($resource);

$request_uri = $resource['path'];

$uri_array = trim(explode('/', $request_uri), '/');


// next code..

maps the query property

  • @access public
  • @param array data
  • @return array

Sample Usage:

// ..previous code
$data = array(

$mapped_data = $this->rurlm->map($data);

// next code..


  'just-another-segment' => Array(
  'category' => 'products',
  'id' => '17'


  • Create an Endpoint class

      class My_Endpoint extends Restify {
        public function onGet($data = null){
          // GET method
        public function onPost($data = null){
          // POST method
        public function onPut($data = null){
          // PUT method
        public function onDelete($data = null){
          // DELETE method
  • Apply the endpoint to a function or method.

      // ..previous code
      // next code..
  • Send some "actions" to the RESTified Resource!

      GET /active_endpoint HTTP/1.1

What are RESTful URLs?

also known as Clean URLs, are purely structural URLs that do not contain a query string and instead contain only the path of the Resource

an example of a clean url

which is equivalent to..

The problem is the global variable $_GET wont recognize /products and /17 as category and id respectively. Restify is capable of mapping these RESTful URLs using RURL_mapper class.

What is an Endpoint class?

You might be confused about the Endpoint Class that I have been mentioning (alot). It is the name I call to classes that extends the Restify Class. It consists of 4 (four) required methods:

  • onGet()
  • onPost()
  • onPut()
  • onDelete()

these methods need only one parameter (though not required) to read the input or query sent by the HTTP request. You can optionally return a value which in turn be passed down to the respective Restify::endpoint() called.

What is a RESTified Resource?

A URI where you can do RESTful requests (GET,POST,PUT,DELETE) and execute respective actions based on the Endpoint Class called within that resource.