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This is the top directory for ALL translation files for Debian Installer

By putting a xx.po (or xx_YY.po) file in one of the "sublevel" directories,
based on the template.pot file you'll find in each of them, the translation
it contains will be spread out to ALL Debian Installer packages under the
packages directory.

DO NOT do this without authorization by the Debian Installer i18n
coordination team.

The PO files headers will be spread out to all D-I packages. If you want
to give credit to several translators, please use the header comment lines
rather than the "Last-Translator" line. In such case, the Last-Translator
line should rather contain the team name, similarly to the
Translation-Team line.


The current rules for which strings belong in which sublevels are as follows:
1: strings used in default installs on common architectures (i386, amd64)
2: general strings not used during default installs
3: expert strings (low prio templates or related to e.g. RAID)
4: specific to less-popular arches (arm, powerpc, mips, sparc) or used in
   experimental features
5: same for high-end architectures (hppa, ia64, s390), hobby architectures
   (alpha, m68k) arches and old components

Synchronisation script:

The synchronisation script is run at regular intervals by one of the
i18n coordinators. Please see the i18n documentation on
http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/doc/i18n for details.

 Current schedule:

-daily runs at 22:47 CET on the trunk branch

 Triggering immediate runs:

The D-I team members can trigger runs of the l10n-sync script by
issuing the following on alioth.debian.org:

touch ~bubulle/d-i/l10n/.run-sync

 Stopping the automated runs:

Automated runs can be stopped (in case the script becomes crazy) by
using "run=0" in packages/po/run-l10n-sync

 Enforcing the script runs:

In case the script is disabled by "run=0", it can be manually run by
using the "--force" switch. Use with care: this should be reserved to
cases where all i18n coordinators are away and the script became
crazy. In that case, another d-i developer can still run l10n-sync
from time to time, manually.