Responsive React component slider to help with overflowing, horizontally-oriented components
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React Component Slider

This component is useful for situations where you are trying to fit components (e.g. menu/tab navigation) into a horizontal space that could be limited by screen width. It is a simple, lightweight approach that adds scroll arrows when the contents overflow.

Example menu navigation


Add package:

# yarn
yarn add @kapost/react-component-slider

# npm
npm install --save @kapost/react-component-slider

Import component:

import ComponentSlider from "@kapost/react-component-slider";

Import base styles (modify for your pipeline tool of choice):

@import "@kapost/react-component-slider/lib/stylesheets/component-slider"

Quick Start

  { inline elements }


children (node, required)

Render any arbitrary number of children. This component is designed for inline / horizontally-oriented elements.

renderLeftArrow / renderRightArrow (func, optional)

Override what renders for the arrows/navigation. Defaults to:

    renderLeftArrow: () => <span>&larr;</span>,
    renderRightArrow: () => <span>&rarr;</span>,

Why are there no tests?

It's difficult to test resizing behavior of this nature without writing integration tests. Due to the simplicity of the component, I opted not to do that.