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A set of russian government data parsers.

Most of the data published are available only in human-readable
formats, like HTML or Microsoft Word, hence the need for special


We have:

======== rnpfas ========
Parser for data on unfair vendors

Requires perl, Web::Scraper, Text::CSV_XS.

Very easy installation of dependencies under Linux or Mac OS X:
% wget -O - | perl - --sudo Web::Scraper Text::CSV_XS

======== rosfapmc ========
Parser for data on media receiving state subsidies
available here:

Requires perl, antiword, Text::CSV_XS, XML::LibXML, lwp-perl.

Very easy installation of Perl dependencies under Linux or Mac OS X:
% wget -O - | perl - --sudo Text::CSV_XS LWP::UserAgent

antiword package is usually available on your Linux packages repository.
Try `sudo apt-get install antiword'.
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