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Pentaho DB Changer

Change dynamically Pentaho database connections from kjb, ktr and xml files


pip install pentaho-db-changer

How to Use

Before execute the program you need to configure .ini file (config.ini) with your database settings.

You can follow this example:

First of all use a section 'connect' to select which database you will use.

connect = connect_local

Then, create a default section with the absolute path for pdi files.

path = /home/pdi

At last, create a section for each connection that you want to use and change easily.

server = xxxxxx
username = xxxxxx
password = my_pass

server = localhost
username = root
password = other_pass

Just execute file as follow:

cd set_db_pdi

Using as a Module

Download this project with:

git clone

All modules are in set_db_pdi folder and you can copy this folder and put inside your modules folder.

Then, import using:

from set_db_pdi import SetDB

You can set a custom configuration file name using:


If your password is encrypted (using right pdi format), then call:


If not, then:

SetDB().write_file_pdi() # this is default call when you execute file

You know if it is encrypted if password in config.ini is in format:

password = Encrypted 1ad32da2de2da7886

Using in reports

It works with Pentaho Report Designer's files (.prpt) too, but only using encrypt=False since this issue was solved:

Just unzip .prpt files and get file datasourcessql-ds.xml

This file (sql-ds.xml) is like .kjb and .ktr files and use same connection names.