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  • v1.2.10

    Added support for Procountor payment data import.
  • v1.2.9

    - VAT numbers and some other minor changes
  • v1.2.8

    Updated billing to send month's bills on first day of month when bill…
  • v1.2.6

    Merge pull request #71 from annttu/master
    Fixed unpaid paper reminders queryset to be evaluated every time.
  • v1.2.5

    Version change 1.2.4 => 1.2.5
  • v1.2.3

    Fixed format parsing on csv-payment import and fixed unpaid paper rem…
    …inders listing
  • v1.2.2

    FIX: Hidden birth year field if member is organization
    FIX: CSV-import fixed to match OPs new format
    FIX: Fixed log parsing to show email addresses
    FEATURE: Alias admin filter with 2-char prefixes
  • v1.1.0

    Usability fixes and upgrade to Django 1.4
    * FEATURE: Visual indication for development instances
    * FEATURE: Version number shown in HTTP headers
    * FEATURE: Duplicate member detection
    * FEATURE: Include aliases in searches
    * FEATURE: Exact-word match search with "word"
    * BUGFIX: Pagination fixed in search
    * BUGFIX: Copypasteable read-only fields
    * BUGFIX: List comments in full, not abbreviated
    * CHANGE: Django 1.4 upgrade
    * CHANGE: Settings cleanups
    * CHANGE: Added note about service locking in reminder text
    * CHANGE: Switch to gunicorn
  • v1.0.10

    List of unpaid memberships for trusted hosts
  • v1.0.9

    Memberlist XML HTTP access, fixed OTRS links
    * FEATURE: Public memberlist with HTTP access for trusted hosts
    * BUGFIX: Fixed OTRS links for reminders
    * BUGFIX: Fix deprecation warnings (minor)
    * CHANGE: In membership application form, copy first name from given names instead of first name -> given names.
    * CHANGE: Fix template loader deprecation warnings
    * CHANGE: Show "given names" field before "first name" in application form
  • v1.0.8

    Reminder sending support, Django 1.3 update
    * FEATURE: Reminder sending support
      - still missing transaction list
    * FEATURE: Django update to version 1.3
    * FEATURE: Reference number shown in membership edit page
    * FEATURE: future payments are now a fatal error
    * CHANGE: SQL log middleware removed (included in Django now)
    * CHANGE: plain listings of preapproved memberships in menu
  • v1.0.7

    Translation update
    BUGFIX: Forgot to update translations in previous tag
  • v1.0.6

    Login AJAX validation and OP CSV format change
    FEATURE: Application form username AJAX validation
    FEATURE: Support for new OP CSV format
    FEATURE: Ignored payments view
    CHANGE: Membership application form update
    CHANGE: Don't allow '-', '_' or '.' as the last character of username
    CHANGE: Lowercase LoginField values in applications
    CHANGE: Strip '-' from phone numbers
  • v1.0.5

    Plaintext preapproved listing and bug fixes
    BUGFIX: Fix for case where user name in application equals email alias
    BUGFIX: Payment import required permission was invalid
    BUGFIX: Fixed pagination with PostgreSQL (sorting also by id)
    FEATURE: Only connect payments to unpaid billing cycles
    FEATURE: Plaintext listing for preapproved members (for upcoming copypaste support)
  • v1.0.4

    Virtual bar codes and metrics
    BUGFIX: Add missing permission for alias management
    BUGFIX: Require the correct permission for alias management
    CHANGE: List preapproved members in id order
    CHANGE: Services are deleted when discarding applications
    CHANGE: Aliases are deleted when discarding applications
    CHANGE: Minor CSS improvements
    FEATURE: Munin plugin
    FEATURE: More data in metrics
    FEATURE: Show member comments on membership list
    FEATURE: Virtual bar codes
  • v1.0.3

    admtool RPC, bugfixes, system member id 0, OTRS links...
    FEATURE: OTRS link for membership bills
    FEATURE: format reference numbers (group to 5 digit groups from right)
    FEATURE: RPC interface for admtool
    FEATURE: IP ACL (trusted hosts) support for admtool RPC
    CHANGE: display 'membership deleted' instead of just id for deleted members
    CHANGE: show bill numbers (ids) in more places
    CHANGE: refactor email sending to use signals
    CHANGE: improved reference numbers in templates
    CHANGE: due date at the end of a day (past due date only on the day after due)
    CHANGE: No billing for member id 0 (system placeholder member) and don't count member 0 as member
    CHANGE: Sort aliases by their names
    BUGFIX: only show bills for active members
    BUGFIX: handle leap days in billing cycle
    BUGFIX: convert to organization must require authentication
  • v1.0.2

    Phone number validation relaxed, other fixes
    FEATURE: Server error templates added
    CHANGE: More relaxed phone number validation
    CHANGE: Improved member listings
    BUGFIX: Do not offer "convert to organization" when it's not possible
    BUGFIX: Comment no longer required for payment editing
    BUGFIX: If membership fee is zero, the bill is marked as paid
    BUGFIX: Fixed sorting in public memberlist
    BUGFIX: Timestamp format: remove leading zero
  • v1.0.1

    Tagging v1.0.1 for production
    CHANGE: CSS updates (including logged in style different from anonymous)
    BUGFIX: contact editing fixed
    FEATURE: public memberlist generation
  • 1.0

    1.0, first production version.
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