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Scala IDE InSynth Integration
-Central repository for managing the implementation of InSynth and Scala IDE integration.
+Central repository for managing the implementation of InSynth, its Scala IDE integration and documentation.
+For more info about the plugin, visit the [wiki page](
+### InSynth_CompilerPlugin
Scala compiler plugin for analyzing statistics of various Scala source code and deriving weight for using in InSynth synthesis.
+### InSynth_HoFSearchPlugin
Scala compiler plugin for searching for application of high-order functions (useful for demonstration of InSynth correctness)
+### SAV_Project_Report
Project report on the InSynth code generation phase, as a final course report in Sofrware Analysis and Verification, at EPFL.
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InSynth feature maven build.
+### ch.epfl.insynth.reconstruction
-Temporary repository containing code generation module of InSynth.
+Temporary repository containing the code generation module of InSynth (the code is now old and merged into the InSynth maven build).

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