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// Java imports
import java.util.regex.Pattern
* @author Ivan Kuraj
* This object is used for applying code transformations based on the found and required type
* extract from the annotation message (such as quick fix message) and the expression in the source code.
* The object arguments are: found type string, required type string and annotation string, respectively and
* the result is a list of strings which should replace the annotation string
object TypeMismatchQuickFixProcessor extends
((String, String, String) => List[String]) {
/** list containing all type mismatch quick fix cases that this object should go through */
val cases: List[TypeMismatchQuickFixCase] =
// "type mismatch: List[T] but found List[List[T]]
List("%s.flatten", "%s.head", "%s.last"),
Pattern.compile("List\\[List\\[(.*)\\]\\]"), Pattern.compile("List\\[(.*)\\]"), Pattern.compile("^(.*)$")
// "type mismatch: Array[T] but found List[T]
Pattern.compile("List\\[(.*)\\]"), Pattern.compile("Array\\[(.*)\\]"), Pattern.compile("^(.*)$")
// "type mismatch: found T; required Option[T]" -> suggest to wrap the result in Some()
List("Option(%s)", "Some(%s)"),
Pattern.compile("(.*)"), Pattern.compile("Option\\[(.*)\\]"), Pattern.compile("^(.*)$")
// TODO: compiler does not return annotations properly, uncomment this and tests when it is fixed
// "type mismatch: found BasicType(T); required Option[T]" -> suggest to wrap the result in Some()
// ,
// FoundToRequiredTypeCase(
// List("Option(%s)", "Some(%s)"),
// Pattern.compile("(?:java\\.lang\\.)([a-zA-Z&&[^\\(\\)]]+)\\(.*\\)"), Pattern.compile("Option\\[(.*)\\]"), Pattern.compile("^(.*)$")
// )
* apply method for getting list of replacement strings
* @param foundType extracted found type string
* @param requiredType extracted required type string
* @param annotationString extracted expression string from the source code
* @return list of strings which should replace the annotation string
def apply(foundType: String, requiredType: String, annotationString: String): List[String] =
// go through all cases and collect lists of replacement strings
(List[String]() /: cases) {
case (list, ftrtc:FoundToRequiredTypeCase) => {
list ++ ftrtc.apply(foundType, requiredType, annotationString)
/** trait marking all type mismatch quick fix cases */
trait TypeMismatchQuickFixCase
* class which is to be inherited if quick fix simply injects a sequence of strings into a format strings of
* form "... %s... %s..."
abstract class SimpleFormatQuickFixCase(formatStrings: List[String]) extends TypeMismatchQuickFixCase {
def apply(listOfInjectStrings: Seq[String]*) =
for (
// iterate through all sequences of strings to inject
injectString <- listOfInjectStrings;
// iterate through all given format
formatString <- formatStrings
// yield a string when inject strings are applied to the format string
) yield { formatString.format( injectString:_* ) }
* class which checks whether found type string and required type string match - it does by
* capturing all groups according to the found and required patterns and compares them for match -
* if all match, the replacement is proceeded by extracting inject strings from the annotation pattern
* and applying them to SimpleFormatQuickFixCase
* found and required patterns should extract the same number of groups
* annotation string should extract required number of groups to feed the given format string
case class FoundToRequiredTypeCase(formatStrings: List[String],
found: Pattern, required: Pattern, annotationExtract: Pattern) extends SimpleFormatQuickFixCase(formatStrings) {
def apply(foundType: String, requiredType: String, annotationString: String): Seq[String] = {
// get matchers
val foundMatcher = found.matcher(foundType)
val requiredMatcher = required.matcher(requiredType)
// if both matched
// NOTE (we expect only a single match)
if (foundMatcher.find && requiredMatcher.find) {
// check if all groups match
if (
// fold all groups and compare them - capturing group count must be the same for both patterns
(true /: (1 to foundMatcher.groupCount()) ) {
case (false, _) => false
case (result, ind) => ==
) {
// get annotation matcher
val annotationMatcher = annotationExtract.matcher(annotationString)
// check if find can pass (only single match is expected)
if (annotationMatcher.find) {
// get injection strings
val injectStrings =
for (ind <- 1 to annotationMatcher.groupCount()) yield { }
// apply them to the format string
// in case annotation matcher cannot find
} else Nil
// in case groups don't match
else Nil
// in case matchers fail
} else Nil
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