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# frozen_string_literal: true
module Karafka
# Namespace used to encapsulate all the internal errors of Karafka
module Errors
# Base class for all the Karafka internal errors
BaseError =
# Should be raised when we have that that we cannot serialize
SerializationError =
# Should be raised when we tried to deserialize incoming data but we failed
DeserializationError =
# Raised when router receives topic name which does not correspond with any routes
# This can only happen in a case when:
# - you've received a message and we cannot match it with a consumer
# - you've changed the routing, so router can no longer associate your topic to
# any consumer
# - or in a case when you do a lot of meta-programming and you change routing/etc on runtime
# In case this happens, you will have to create a temporary route that will allow
# you to "eat" everything from the Sidekiq queue.
# @see
NonMatchingRouteError =
# Raised when we don't use or use responder not in the way it expected to based on the
# topics usage definitions
InvalidResponderUsageError =
# Raised when options that we provide to the responder to respond aren't what the contract
# requires
InvalidResponderMessageOptionsError =
# Raised when configuration doesn't match with validation contract
InvalidConfigurationError =
# Raised when we try to use Karafka CLI commands (except install) without a boot file
MissingBootFileError =
# Raised when we want to read a persisted thread messages consumer but it is unavailable
# This should never happen and if it does, please contact us
MissingClientError =
# Raised when want to hook up to an event that is not registered and supported
UnregisteredMonitorEventError =
# Raised when we've waited enough for shutting down a non-responsive process
ForcefulShutdownError =