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Bump: adding and removing objects from the world #180

technomancy opened this Issue May 4, 2018 · 3 comments


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technomancy commented May 4, 2018

I ran into some trouble when trying to use the bump plugin in my game. All the collidable objects get loaded into the bump world table just fine when calling bump_init, but I wanted to make doors which could open and close, which required adding and removing objects from the bump world at runtime.

Calling world.remove on an object that you get from map.layers[layer_name].objects doesn't work because the bump_init function doesn't add the object table directly to the world, it creates a wrapper table that has copies over a subset of that table's fields. So you need to call remove (and later on, add) with that wrapper table instead, but I couldn't find a way to get it from the map object.

I ended up writing a bit of a hack to work around this by storing all the wrappers in a wrappers table keyed on the original objects and adding a bump_wrap function that would intercept any method call and do the lookup for you before handing off to the bump world. But it seems a bit unsatisfactory; surely I'm not the first person to want to use this library together with bump and want to have doors that can open and close?

So two questions: the first being did I miss something that's already in the code? Is there a better way to do what I did above?

If not, would you accept a patch to the bump plugin to allow for this kind of thing? Is the approach I used above OK, or is there another way we should do it? The other alternative I could see would be storing the wrapper table as a field in the original table which is in the layers table on the map itself, which might be cleaner.


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Bobbyjoness commented May 4, 2018

I think the best way to handle objects that can be deleted and recreated is to just a active flag to the object. Then whenever you call world:move you will pass in a filter that will change the way the collision is handled based on that flag.
Although another way to do it is to use tiled to place an entity object. A door would have a dynamic Sprite and collision box so it should be treated as a mob rather than as a tile.
A map usually can't be deconstructed so removing the collision blocks shouldn't be a feature of the plug-in but idk. Maybe it is possible to have dynamic maps.


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technomancy commented May 13, 2018

I see; yeah I suppose using a filter function would have been a cleaner way to do this. During development I felt a bit like I was grasping at straws since I was framing the problem in terms of "items to be added and removed from the world" rather than "the contents of the world are fixed at initialization time, and you can dynamically choose to ignore them on a per-case basis".

I wonder if the docs could be improved to suggest this pattern to folks like me who were scratching their heads wondering how to do it and not finding any guidance. Maybe I could put together a "limitations" or "tips" section for the readme if you like?


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karai17 commented May 13, 2018

I'm open to folks writing interesting tutorials to help people learn how to better use STI. I am thinking of updating this repo to move the tests to a different repo, so we coudl add tutorials there too.

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