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Welcome to Lumen!

Lumen is (or will be someday) a GUI toolkit for Ada.

It is written entirely in Ada (with a few insignificant exceptions, like in
the Linux joystick code, no direct calling of ioctl from Ada yet), based on
OpenGL and thus expected to be portable across OS's (currently runs on X11
sytems like Linux and the *BSD's, and on Win32 systems like MS-Windows NT and
7).  Once somebody steps up and writes the low-level portions for OS-X, it
will run there too.

The root of the documentation source is "doc/index.markdown".  The
formatted docs should be available here:

Enjoy, and visit the public git repository at either of these two places:


There are a number of simple demo applications that show off various aspects
of Lumen; they are available here:


Chip Richards
23 January 2013