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Bloc Jams Angular

Bloc Jams Angular is a streaming music web app that puts all of your favorite tunes in an easy-to-use library. This project is a reworked version of the original Bloc Jams. Read a case study about building this project on my portfolio website at Bloc Jams.

Music library

All items in the music library are organized through the app/services/Fixtures.js file. Each album is its own object, with the album cover and songs saved in assets/images/album_covers and assets/music respectively. All album information must be filled out following this format:

var albumPicasso = {
  title: 'The Colors',
  artist: 'Pablo Picasso',
  label: 'Cubism',
  year: '1881',
  albumArtUrl: '/assets/images/album_covers/01.png',
  songs: [
    { title: 'Blue', duration: 161.71, audioUrl: '/assets/music/blue' },
    { title: 'Green', duration: 103.96, audioUrl: '/assets/music/green' },
    { title: 'Red', duration: 268.45, audioUrl: '/assets/music/red' },
    { title: 'Pink', duration: 153.14, audioUrl: '/assets/music/pink' },
    { title: 'Magenta', duration: 374.22, audioUrl: '/assets/music/magenta' }

Please note: Song duration is written in seconds. This is required for proper formatting of time played/time remaining in the player bar.

Album collection

Which albums and how many albums show up on the collection page is entirely optional.

In app/controllers/CollectionCtrl.js, find the line below and change the number to how many albums should be displayed. The default number is 12:

this.albums = Fixtures.getCollection(12);

This line is connected to the app/services/Fixtures.js file, like so:

Fixtures.getCollection = function(numberOfAlbums) {
  var displayedAlbums = [];
  for (var i = 0; i < numberOfAlbums; i++) {
  return displayedAlbums;

As it is written now, Pablo Picasso's album "The Colors" is displayed 12 times by default. Adding more albums to app/services/Fixtures.js in the proper format and reworking this function can change the collection page's behavior to display each album once.

Buzz! library

Bloc Jams Angular relies on the Buzz! library to play and pause music. A number of Buzz methods manage audio file playback, inlcuding .play(), .pause(), .stop(), isPaused(), etc. Many of these methods are used in app/services/SongPlayer.js, such as:

var playSong = function(song) {;
  song.playing = true;

This project was built for Bloc's Web Development Program.