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GitBox - Assembly Instructions

Since the project itself is extremely simple, containing only a couple of script files and some binary installers, there was little point in creating build and assembly scripts. Rather this document was written containing the needed steps to create a GitBox distributable package.

Note, that the program is designed to be run from within Dropbox, which means that executables and required binaries for all platforms should be bundled up, since the very same "installation" will be used on all platforms.

Should You wish to automate this, you are welcome to do so, but please be aware that great emphasis was put on operating system interoperability and all scripts (build ones included) should conform to it. (i.e. if you implement automated builds in Linux, then make sure it/something works in Windows too :P).

Another thing to take care of is the line endings, since they are different in *nix and Windows. Please make sure the shell script line endings are *nix specific and the batch file line endings are Windows specific.

Distributable Package

GitBox is distributed as a simple compressed zip file, which should be extracted directly into a Dropbox folder. For details, see the user manual.

The structure of the distribution package is as follows:

GitBox             // The program root
  - docs           // Documentation
    - gitbox.pdf   // User manual pdf file (generated from the .docx)
  - repos          // Empty folder for the git repositories
  - setup          // Folder containing installation and configuration files 
    - git          // Setup files for installing git
      - git.exe    // Git for Windows* installer
      - git.pkg    // Git package for Mac OS X**
      -     // Git installer for *nix flavors
      -   // Git installer for Linux distributions
      -   // Git installer for Mac OS X
    - setup.bat    // Windows config file to set the path variable
    -     // *nix config file to set execute permissions and symlinks
  - gitbox.bat     // Windows implementation of GitBox
  -      // *nix implementation of GitBox

* Git for Windows: Since installing git on Windows is not as straightforward as in the case of Linux, a binary installer from the msysGit project should be also bundled with GitBox. As of writing, the latest stable Git for Windows installer can be downloaded from . If you bundle a newer version of Git for Windows than previously done, please make sure it actually works. The name of the correct version to download has the form: Git-a.b.c.d-previewYYYYMMDD.exe

** Git for Mac OS X: As in the case of Windows, installing git on Mac OS X is harder that it should be, so a binary package from the git-osx-installer project is bundled up with GitBox. The latest git packages can be downloaded from . Take care, that these are image files (.dmg), and the package (.pkg) should be extracted first.

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