.NET wrapper for ImageMagick
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.NET wrapper for ImageMagick

NImageMagick is just a wrapper around the ImageMagick DLLs. Ways to obtain DLLs for ImageMagick itself:

  • Use the ImageMagick installer on every machine where your software is deployed.
  • Just copy all dlls from the NImageMagick\Test\Libraries folder to your project and make sure they ship in your application directory (or use the LibraryLoader from Test to use them from a different folder).
  • Build the ImageMagick sources, making sure registry paths are NOT used (the default is not to use them).

Building ImageMagick from sources:

  • Download the latest source code archive (make sure you download the windows version of the sources, that include VisualMagick)
  • Build the configure project (build it in Release mode, otherwise it crashes)
  • I recommend to keep the default settings of configure, they work
  • Build All.sln
  • Use CORE_RL_.dll and IM_MOD_.dll, X11.dll